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February 27, 2007


After lunch at Mozza on Saturday, Dad and I headed a few streets over to Milk on Beverly. Opened just a few weeks ago, Milk has already garnered it’s share of food blogging reviews, here, here and here!

The menu offers both simple breakfast and lunch item, but the real focus here is desssssseet, yes indeed! A full lunch, dessert included, at Mozza less than 15 minutes ago, I was already full, but who knows when the next time I’ll be out here again. So dessert it is! Borrowing the words of a true milkshake connoisseur, as Robyn said, “milkshakes help digest.” If you think about it the right way, they really do!

A blend of house made vanilla ice cream, melted chocolate malt balls and a caramel chocolate swirl, the Milkie Way Malted ($4.50) was rich, full-bodied, but surprisingly not too sweet. That distinct, slightly gritty, almost salty malt touch was key to balancing the sweet-salty action. Flavorwise, they had it down pat. But! But! They made one huge mistake, milkshake-wise. It was THIN! Thin as in my-straw-could-only-stand-straight-up-for-5-seconds kind of thin. And that is a big failure. A true milkshake should be soooo thick that we could stick a heavy metal knife right though, and it would still stand nice and tall. It should be so thick that we must muster all our energy to spoon, not suck it up. But if we do choose to suck it up, our cheeks should shrink in, our lips out tight and all the oxygen in our head, depleted from milkshaking. I will find that milkshake one day. Until then, Milk should consider more ice cream and less milk in their blend.

To their credit, there were quite a few, many of them creative, milkshake options ranging from Strawberry Shortcake, to Coffee Toffee Crunch and a Passion Shake. They even have ice cream bonbons at only $.25 a piece along with ice cream sandwiches (I think it had a macaron “crust”) and housemade ice cream bars.

Housed along the other side of the register counter is my favorite form of desserts: baked goods! Apple pie bread, banana bread, melted chocolate cookies, snowballs, and even a blue velvet cake. But what caught my eye were the beautiful madelines, perched high above the other treats in their own silver platter. And they were not any plain old madelines, but chocolate hazelnut creations. At $.75 a piece, I bought a couple for the ride home and one to have right then and there…while they were still warm! It was almost like biting into a soft nutella cake, the blend of chocolate with ground hazelnuts created the flavor of nutella, only in a more delicate, buttery cake form. The thin shell of the madeline was juuuust crusty, as you like it, but the innards! Oh so tender, finely grinded nuts, butter butter all around…..how madeline deprived I’ve been in LA!

7290 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 939-6455

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