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Market Spice Tea

April 14, 2006


This tea gets five stars in my book, and it’s a Northwest favorite. It’s an amazing blend of black tea with cinnamon oil, cloves, and orange peel. It comes in (steam-processed) decaf, too – and it’s a good thing, since the regular version is pretty potent stuff!

marketspice.jpgI prefer the loose tea, though it does come bagged. It needs to be stored in a glass container, or the original foil envelope that it comes in, because the oils are so strong that it will stain plastic tubs and melt plastic baggies. It should be sealed tight, or it will go stale and ruin all of its grand potential. Large amounts can be stored in the freezer.

This is another one that I let steep for as long as I can stand it, although it can become pungent if left too long. I make up several pots of this for tea parties, because it’s always in highest demand. In the winter, this absolutely beats hot cocoa, hands down. It’s very naturally sweet, and makes fantastic sun tea, too!

The Market Spice Company started in 1911, and has always been a fixture in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. A write-up on this shop is forthcoming. A Google search will turn up dozens of places to buy this if you’re out of state, and if you’re local, you can even find it at your neighborhood grocer.

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