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Mac Nut Pancakes, Brownie (with Walnuts), and Taro Rolls…Could I Survive on Flour, Butter & Sugar?

August 21, 2007


Mom and I drove to Kailua for some early morning errands this morning, and decided we should have breakfast. Breakfast options in Kailua are aplenty and it was difficult to decide between Cinnamon’s, Moke’s and Boots & Kimo. However, Moke’s was closed, and we were just at Cinnamon’s last week, so Boots & Kimo it was!

We got in just past 7am, and lucky for us there was no line. But time we were leaving, there was already a 15 minute wait for tables. On a Tuesday morning nonetheless! Ordering is simple here. Because I always get the same thing.

Mac nut pancakes! I know the picture looks kind of creepy. And even gross I bet. But, you know, sometimes pictures are deceiving. Such is the case with these pancakes. I went with the short stack today cause I’m meeting someone for lunch in a few hours. But whether you get the pancakes in a short or tall stack, you must get them smooooothered in the warm mac nut sauce. This ‘sauce’ is really nothing more than a rich anglaise in all its egg yolk rich glory, dotted with ground mac nuts. Pancakes at Boots & Kimo are of the spongy sort (for crispy pancakes go to Jack’s in Aina Hina, and for crappy pancakes go to the IHOP in Waikiki), which is a good thing in this case, because you want spongy pancakes to soak up all this glory that will send you to straight to a sugar coma. Maple syrup is unnecessary. Butter on the side for those who dare.

After filling up on a morning sugar high (some people get sugar comas, apparently I get sugar highs), what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Why, we haven’t had dessert yet! So I whip out my handy notebook filled with notes and addresses of restaurants/bakeries/food, etc, you get the idea. At the same time, mom takes out her newly purchased map book from Costco. Put the two together, and in less than 5 minutes we find ourselves in front of Agnes Portuguese Bake Shop. Talk about teamwork!

It’s our first visit here, so we browse around a bit. Half of the shop is taken up by small tables and chairs. It seems they do a wide selection of coffee, tea, and Italian sodas. These seats are mostly occupied by people having breakfast of pastries and coffee on their own.

Turn around and you’ll find two long bakery cases filled with tons of pastries! Exciting! There’s so much to see! Brownies, berry flips, bread pudding, butter rolls, blueberry wheat muffins, and even an “Anti-Gravity Cake” on the bottom left corner…

This Rocky Road Brownie Cupcake was interesting…but I thought it was too sweet for a 9am treat.

I had my heart set on the brownie from the start. Hah! You thought I was going to get the bread pudding, didn’t you? Well I was. But. The bread pudding didn’t look so awesome. I like super custardy bread pudding. Not super solid hard ones. However the brownie looked downright decadent. And I it was less sweet than the brownie cupcake above, right? Hehe :)

We also got a pack of whole wheat pita bread for dad, cause he wasn’t able to join us for breakfast this morning…kind of like a consolidation prize? Well it’s about 11am right now, and I haven’t had either the brownie or pita yet, so I can’t give you any feedback on those items. But unless the brownie fails me miserably, it looks to be a super fudgey creature with lots of walnuts!

Ooohhh! Wait! While we’re on the subject of baked goods, I was Costco this past weekend and bought a package of the Mauna Kea taro rolls.

They come 12 to pack for $5.99. It’s not a super good deal, but you’ll never know if it’s worth it until you try right?

Soft and plush, like Ani’s sweet bread, only not as sweet with a strong taro taste. These really do melt in your mouth! Just pull of a small piece, let it sit on your tongue, and in a few second, viola…it just melts away. Okay. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but it is as if thet do melt away! At least you get an idea of how soft it is! If you’re going to get taro rolls don’t get the ones they sell at Sam’s Club cause they use artificial taro powder/color…or something that’s not real taro…which defeats the whole purpose of eating taro rolls!

Boots & Kimo

131 Hekili St

Kailua, HI 96734-2866

Phone: (808) 263-7929

Agnes’ Portuguese Bakery

46 Ho’olai Street

Kailua, Hawaii 96734

(808) 262-5367

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