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Japanese teas – translation needed.

October 05, 2006


A friend returned from a trip to Japan earlier this year, and brought me two packets of very good tea. The problem is that I can’t read Japanese, and I haven’t been able to figure out what they are. Here’s where I make an appeal to you – can anyone help me decipher at least the type of tea I’m drinking? (Click for larger image.)

tea4.jpg tea3.jpg tea2.jpg tea1.jpg

The purple package contains a deep green tea – very small particles in those new mesh bags sewn into a pyramid shape. (Definitely not a new Lipton innovation.) I’m thinking this might be sencha. It is one of the better green teas that I’ve had.

The tan package has a very toasty popped rice flavor, much moreso than any genmaicha I’ve tried. It has very little in the way of leaves, and no popped rice at all. It’s mostly made up of what looks like stems or little sticks. I love this one the most, and I often have it as a treat on days when I need a little cheering. I only have two bags left, so help is greatly appreciated so I might find more!

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