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Greenmarket, Financier, and a B&W from Rocco’s

September 30, 2007


Happy Sunday everyone! :) After a very restful sleep of 12 hours, I woke up yesterday afternoon and headed straight for the Greenmarket. My body has reached the point where it’s dying for veggies and fruit. I’m laying off the pizzas, beer, and hot dogs for a while! The market was truly a sight to behold with tons of people, high energy and a drool worthy selection of both produce and baked goods.

You know fall has arrived when you see all this!

These ‘Goose Gourds’ and ‘Sugar Pumpkins’ were too pretty to pass by without taking a picture!

I walked past these basket of peaches and couldn’t help but…

buy one and eat it on the spot :) It was so perfect for the moment, a cool sunny Manhattan afternoon and not a care in the world (aside from my constant coughing fits and sneezing). After the peach, I found a three pound bag of McIntosh apples for just $1!! It was the best deal of the day!

I bought a half pound of spinach from this stand. Back home in Hawaii, I’m not the one who usually buys the veggies (we leave that to mom, I take care of dessert and bread, and dad does the meats). As a result, I don’t know the going rate for spinach, but I’m pretty sure that the $3 per quarter pound they charge is quite high. Granted, it’s all organic and stuff, but at $12/pound, I’m buying my spinach elsewhere next week!

My first taste of a Concord grape nearly had me cheering with joy, it was sooo delicious! How come we don’t have these types of grapes in Hawaii??!! I didn’t know what to anticipate when popping the first orb in my mouth, but the explosion of tart, berry-sweet juice encased in a dark skin the color of blueberries kept a smile on my face the entire day.

And of course, I had to get a pint for myself!

Aside from the Greenmarket, yesterday was perhaps the most unproductive day of my life. I got in from Chicago past midnight on Friday, slept till Saturday afternoon, went to the market, ate dinner (udon & spinach & cookies), and went back to sleep until late Sunday morning. Being sick sucks. I hate having no energy to go roam around the city! But today was better. I woke up very well rested, had a cup of orange juice and headed to Century 21 with Shann. I did a respectable amount of shopping in just 90 minutes, and bought two dresses, an iron and tights. Bwhahaha. I am spending all my money before I even make it! That is, unfortunately, what happens when you have too much time on your hands. Not that I’m complaining! ;)

All shopped out, Shann and I made the short walk down to Financier for a late lunch at Financier. I can never get over how beautiful all their pastries look! Usually, I would just skip the real food part and get three desserts and call it a lunch. But today, I still felt not-so-good, and the only thing I wanted to eat was a hot cup of tea and hot soup. Both which I got.

Here’s my cuppa English Breakfast with a mini financier they throw in for freeee! I looove freebies – especially ones of the edible sort!! Who doesn’t?

The Chicken au Pistou came with two toasted slice of baguette, which I promptly soaked into the soup like I do with you tiao in Chinese restaurants. A very basic chicken soup, complete with a peas, carrots, beans and basil. It was probably the best thing I did for my sore throat today!

Shann’s egg, tomato, and cheese (cheddar, I think?) on brioche looked super awesome, and I’m guessing it was cause she seemed quite happy after finishing it!

We parted ways after lunch and I wandered around the city in the afternoon, planning what to wear on my very first day of work (it’s like planning your first day of school outfit!…or something to that extent, hehe :), doing more shopping and called my grandma. The weather was so nice today, so I just walked and walked with no particular objective in mind…until I saw Rocco’s! And for some reason, the sight of Rocco’s triggered a memory to Rowena’s post on Abbracci Cookie’s – spectacular looking, no? Black and white cookies in Italy…Black and white cookies in NYC…not exactly the same, but the black and white colors of Rowena’s cookies made me crave a NYC black and white cookie! Ooookay. Sorry if that didn’t make any sense. Just things triggering things, resulting in me eating more things. It’s just lovely, I tell you. Maybe I need to sleep more…

So I went in and confidently ordered one black and white cookie. I’ve been hearing from a bunch of people via word of mouth and chowhound that Rocco’s has some pretty darn good B&W’s, and well, you never know till you try it for yourself! Never mind the fact that my stomach was telling me ‘NO MORE COOKIES…’

It sucked. I was disappointed. It looks promising doesn’t it? But don’t be deceived! The cake part was far from cakey, just crumbly and dry. The thick slabs of chocolate and vanilla fondant were even distributed and not overly sugary, but…ugh…the overall cookie…it tasted like crap. It really, really did.
This crappy B&W was really unexpected considering previous visits to Rocco’s – excellent cannolis and french lulu’s. I’ll be back to Rocco’s, but not for B&W’s!

35 Cedar St
NY, NY 1005
(212) 952-3838

Rocco’s Pastry Shop & Espresso Cafe
243 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10014
(212) 242-6031

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