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Ginza Kimuraya (closing in 4 days!), Satura Cakes & Wahoos

August 17, 2007


In four days, this bakery will no longer be here. Ginza Kimuraya will be gone. Why? Because Whole Foods is coming. That’s so stupid. Here, read this article. Doesn’t that make you angry? There’s no good reason to kick out these perfectly fine (food) tenants because Whole Foods is coming. We don’t even need Whole Foods! We’ve got Down to Earth, Kokua Market, Umeke Market, and Lifestream…that’s more than enough! But whatevers :( The point of this blog isn’t to raise your blood pressure, but to make you happy :)

I’ll be the first to say that Ginza Kimuraya isn’t my favorite among bakeries on this island, but still, it was nice to have options. Past visits to Ginza Kimuraya involved the smallest French Toast I’ve encountered, and a trio of decent, but far from original pastries.

So while I was at Kahala Mall the other day, I figured I should stop by the bakery for one final visit…so sad, so final! For myself I had the half moon shaped pastry stuffed with ham, mustard and cheese. It was really good cause they put like a ton of mustard inside! A light crusty surface, melting cheese binding the ham to the buttery white innards and a rich smear of mustard. What made me laugh though, was just looking at the jalepeno and olive pressed onto the surface of the pastry. Every single one of these ‘turnovers’ had a single jalepeno and olive pressed in…even though those ingredients were not incorporated into the pastry in any other way! I didn’t have a taste of the pretzel bread which I saved for mom.

Here’s the Bacon Roll, a light, somewhat sweet, spongy bread with bacon and mayo rolled in. I liked it even better than the ham/cheese/mayo turnover. It was like eating a loaf of Ani’s Sweet Bread with savory fillings rolled in. Did you know that my favorite food used to be the Ham Roll at Saint Germain? My grandpa would take me after school to get one on the days I had a “junky” school lunch! Well this roll is similar to the Ham Roll, salty meat, lots of Japanese mayo and wrapped up in a yeasty pastry!

I also got a baguette for dad. It’s not as good as Saint Germain, they never seen to get the crust right…it’s like crisp, but still too soft, you know what I mean? But I felt sad that they were closing, so this was like the ‘final baguette’…

So sad.

But back to reality.

Let’s backtrack a bit!

Last week I had dinner at Wahoo’s Fish Tacos with a bunch of friends. Why were we at Wahoo’s? I don’t know. I didn’t pick it. The place was completely packed, and judging from the other times I’ve passed this restaurant, they are doing quite well. Figures. It’s a chain. And this island embraces CHAINS in magnitudes like no other states. Need examples? Try drive past the Cheesecake Factory in Waikiki, the CPK in Ala Moana and Kahala Mall. And before you know it, we’ll be taken over by Walgreens, Wal-Mart and stupid Whole Foods.

Here’s the #1 combo which comes with a choice of a taco or enchilada. I chose the enchilada with blackened fish (as stated on the menu: “marinated with our Cajun Blend of spices“), topped with their Spicy Green roasted pepper-cilantro sauce (the other option is a mild red sauce). The actual eating of the enchilada was not nearly as exciting as what the menu descriptions would have led you to believe. It was a decent enchilada by all matter, but it was so hopelessly unexciting that I wanted to chuck it out the window. The order is completed with a side of their ‘famous’ Ahee rice, and savory black beans or spicy Cajun white beans. I couldn’t decide which type beans I wanted, so I asked for half and half. Turns out the spicy white beans are much better, the black ones are kind of boring, reminding me of not so fond memories of college dining halls, while the white beans had a good bit of zest to them (though they were not at all spicy). Rice was dry, which is disappointing, cooking rice isn’t that hard…and if there’s one thing you should be able to do right, it should be cooking rice!

After dinner, we walked over to Satura Cakes at the other end of Ward. You can’t go wrong if you stick with the pastries and cakes in the display cases. But the madelines, financiers, and brownies displayed in the middle of the store are disgusting.

After enjoying the Kona Coffee Blancmange on my first visit, I thought I should try the Chocolate Tiramisu, which looks nearly the same. They named it wrong though. It should not be called Chocolate Tiramisu. It should be called a trifle. Or named ‘thin piece of chocolate cake with okay boring chocolate pudding on top’. But not tiramisu. Cause that’s just deceiving. The only fun part of this dessert were the cubes of coffee and chocolate gelatin on top. The coffee cubes and crisp and refreshing, which the chocolate ones are creamy, milky with the taste of pudding and texture of jello. The coffee gelatin also shows up in the Kona Coffee Blancmange, which is a bazillion times better.


I just read over this post to check for grammar, spelling errors, and you know what I realized? I sound awfully unhappy and even mean in some parts! “…chuck it out the window…” I would never actually do that in real life…but it’s always interesting to wonder. Sorry. Today must have been one of my bad mood days.

Here’s a picture of my dog. I’ll be back in a better mood tomorrow! :)

Ginza Kimuraya

Kahala Mall

4211 Waialae Avenue

Honolulu, HI 96816

(808) 735-9600

Wahoo’s Fish Taco Hawaii

Ward Gateway Center

940 Auahi Street

Honolulu, HI 96814

(808) 591-1646

Satura Cakes

Ward Center

1200 Ala Moana Blvd.

Building 6, Suite 601

Honolulu, HI 96814

(808) 537-1206

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