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george orwell’s tea rules

June 17, 2011


Everyone has their own views and opinions on the proper way to steep and drink tea. As most of my readers have stated, it’s actually depends on the type of tea for how long to steep the tea and etc. Which I completely agree with. I’m going to have to admit that the list above isn’t exactly what I may follow. But that’s one of the great things about teas. Make it to your preference. It’s a great beverage that you can personalize and make your own creations out of it. Whether it’s steeping the tea for iced tea, hot tea, or a cooking/baking recipe.
I have used teas from India but it’s not my main resource for tea. I use teapots, but sometimes when in a rush I just steep the tea in my cup or thermos and I do not warm my tea pot right over direct heat. I like to boil the water separately and then steep the tea in the pot and I actually like to believe that the proper way to boil tea is to turn it off right before it begins to boil. That is the perfect temperature for steeping and releasing the enrich flavours.
I love my Tea Master from Teaopia. Which is great for following George’s rule number five. My tea leaves are able to float around on their own and I am able to pour my tea in my mug with no tea leaves floating around in there. My next investment from Teaopia will have to be their gorgeous Takeya Iced Tea Set. It’s on my summer must-have list.

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