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Fresh Cilantro Tea

May 18, 2015


The feathery, aromatic leaves of the coriander plant are known as cilantro. A popular addition to Latin American, Caribbean and Thai dishes, cilantro provides a cool, refreshing balance to spicy flavors. But did you know cilantro can also be used to make a fragrant and healthful tea?

Although Coriander and Cilantro come from the same plant, their tastes and uses are very different. Cilantro leaves add a refreshing kick to chicken, seafood, rice and citrusy flavors; they also contain substantial amounts of vitamins A, C and K.

Research in recent years suggests that cilantro may also be useful as a detox agent. Evidence that the leaves can filter heavy metal toxins in water and in some laboratory mice has led to cilantro’s use in a variety of detox tea recipes, but  more research needs to be done to understand it’s effectiveness humans.

Would you like to try a Cilantro Tea recipe? Fresh cilantro is sold any time of year, or you can even grow your own on a sunny windowsill. To brew the tea, simply fill an infuser or filter with chopped leaves and steep for 10 minutes.

Common sense precaution: Cilantro may interfere with prescription anticoagulants.

Learn more about how cilantro may be used to filter heavy metal toxins

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