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Four New Tea Products to Tantalize Your Tongue

January 22, 2015


With a 4,000-year plus history, it might be tempting to think that “everything tea” has already been done. Fortunately, there is no end to the passion or innovation we keep bringing to this honored beverage. With that in mind, here are four tea products to look for in the next few months.

K-cups from Capital Teas
Keurig-users will rejoice to learn that Annapolis, Maryland company Capital Teas is releasing K-cups of five of their most popular tea blends. The easy-brewing cups are available online as well as in Capital Teas’ dozen or so retail locations on the East Coast. Keep an eye out for Capital Breakfast Organic, Cream Earl Grey Black, Jasmine Gold Dragon Organic, On the Waterfront, and Turmeric Ginger Organic.

Matcha Latte from Tea In First
Tea In First, which officially launched their company — and their ready-to-drink bottled chai — in New York City this past July, will soon be offering a new beverage. The Matcha Latte is a bottled blend of Japanese green tea and milk that is perfect for tea-time on the go. Look for this yumminess in various locations throughout New York and Massachusetts as well as online.

Coffee Leaf Tea from Wize Monkey
Trend alert: tea made from coffee leaves is becoming a Thing. Absolutely packed with antioxidants, coffee leaves are low in caffeine and make a surprisingly refreshing tea. If you haven’t seen it around yet, you will soon — and some of that tea might come from the guys at Wize Monkey, a Vancouver, BC-based start-up that is passionate about helping South American coffee farmers. You can currently order tea through their Kickstarter, but we think we’re going to see it pop up in more places soon.

Downton Abbey Teas from The Republic of Tea
Ok, we’ve talked about this one before, but it’s worth mentioning again: The Republic of Tea has made Downton Abbey-themed teas. From Mrs. Patmore’s Pudding Tea to the Grantham Breakfast Blend, you can choose your fancy from their website or pick some up at World Market. Pinkies up!

photo: Wize Monkey media kit

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