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Five Spots for Afternoon Tea in NYC

December 13, 2014


It’s not just for the British anymore—afternoon tea has hopped across the pond and is wiggling its way in to the hearts of Americans, especially those in New York City.

“In the past few years a ton of tea retail shops have opened up,” says Kathy Chan, an NYC tea aficionado, “which trickled down into cafes and restaurants, and now afternoon tea.”

It shows. You can now get tea service in a public garden, a hotel with gorgeous views, or an old-school Russian restaurant. Prices and menus vary (would you like champagne with that?), but every spot promises an enjoyably delicious afternoon.

Discover five fabulous locations for afternoon tea in NYC

Although this link mentions high tea and afternoon tea interchangeably, the establishments on this list offer more of an afternoon tea experience.


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