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Five Awesome Things About Being A Tea Blogger

April 13, 2015


I’m a bit biased but being a tea blogger is pretty awesome. There are definitely some perks that have changed my life better over the last six years. It was hard to narrow it down to just a few but here’s a quick list:

1. I’ve met some really amazing people.
Let’s face it, tea people are simply good people. Through blogging and the power of social media, tea has connected me with some of truly wonderful individuals. Many of them are now close friends that I probably talk to more often than my non-tea world friends. I couldn’t even count the number of wonderful retailers that I’ve met who have taken the time to share their stories and their tea with me.

2. I have more tea than I know what to do with.
Seriously. I actually had to develop an organization system because I received so many samples of tea to review. I have the luxury of never having to worry about running out or finding something new to drink. There’s always tea that needs to be drunk and written about.

3. Tea is a never ending journey.
When I first started my blog, I never would have thought that I’d still be constantly discovering and learning new things six years later. Would you believe that I’ve reviewed over 800 teas? Tea is never boring and I love that!

4. Tea has become more than just a hobby.
Last year I decided to finally make the jump to making tea my career. That never would have happened if it had not been for this blog. There have definitely been some missteps along the way but I’ve learned so much more about tea and myself.

5. Connecting with my readers.
I get to share my passion with my readers every day. Even after all of this time I’m still a bit awed that people actually want to read what I have to say. Whether it’s a quick comment, an encouraging email or sharing some of their tea stash; my readers are the best! You are all a big part of my motivation to keep this blog running.

In tomorrows post, I’ll be taking a look at some of the less than awesome things about being a tea blogger. Make sure that you check that one out too!

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