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Chow Funn, Yes, Please!

December 18, 2007


(note: my new client is located in midtown, so I’ll be doing plenty of midtown lunching for the new few months! :)

Lunch today was, plainly put, awesome! It was greasy too. But so good, it doesn’t even matter. While at the client site this morning, an unexpected pang of homesickness hit as I browsed through local food blogs. Most of my friends have returned home to Hawaii for winter break, home to dreams of butter mochi, malassadas, and loco mocos. This is the first year I won’t be in Hawaii for Christmas and New Years, which will be strange I suppose, but exciting nonetheless. It was not the sun and beach I missed, it was local food. More specifically, Kaimuki Chop Suey’sbeef broccoli chow funn.

I tried to stay focused on work, validating fund lots, but my mind constantly wandered. It was not meant to stay put in accounting! So at 1pm, I stood up and announced to no one in particular, “I gotta get some noodles!” I walked out the corner of 46th & Park, having no clue where to go. But a few turns here and there and soon I passed Menchanko-Tei. However, today was not the day for ramen. No it was not. I wanted funnnn. I needed funn. Fried. A few doors down I peered into the windows of a restaurant called Hop Won.

There was a long, but quickly moving line of midday lunchers, eager for a fix of Chinese fast food. Perfect. I dashed in without hesitation, placed an order for char siu chow funn (sadly beef broccoli chow funn was not an option) – I even exercised an opportunity to flex my Cantonese speaking abilities! The order was ready in two minutes flat, and I dove down and demolished that plastic box of filled with steaming noodles. Slippery and shoyu-laced with onions, bean sprouts, and plenty of chair siu and snow peas. It was lovely. Not quite like Kaimuki Chop Suey – no one does chow funn the way they do, but it was perfect for the moment.

I’ll be back next time the craving hits!

Hop Won
139 E. 45th St
NY, NY 10017
(212) 661-4280

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