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Charleston, South Carolina

March 12, 2015


15242741375_b1d08ede3e_cBao and I went to Charleston for a little eating adventure…

15242410662_caa21f2b4a_c…we landed on a Tuesday afternoon and drove straight to Home Team for a meaty snack of ribs, sides, and fried chicken skin.

15242792115_0b9a2e9d12_cWe checked into the Belmond…

15056226248_45521ba328_c…and had dinner #1 at Charleston Grill…

15056036329_3da84bef9f_c…where seared foie gras paired with a hand-held peach pie and softly whipped cream was my favorite course of the night.

15056221778_723c075159_cDinner #2 was a block over at Peninsula Grill for bubbles, oysters, scallops…

15242774975_1917d2b601_c…and of course, that coconut cake.

15242391922_e3e6f29ce9_cWe had an early lunch at Palmetto Cafe the next day, drinking she-crab soup…

15056215328_cf077734c5_c…and even more crab, piled over avocado and fresh corn.

15056213068_74bda74e79_cNo dessert! Because we were saving room for a second lunch at Two Boroughs Larder for ramen…

15239690631_8cae9e127c_c…and clams with snap peas and corn.

15056207517_428efcd18b_cWe picked up a half-dozen cupcakes from Cupcake on King Street…

15056087850_e2d2c71673_c…and visited Jeni’s for a triple-scoop.

15056210478_875b22470b_cSweet cream with rum molasses and peanuts. Goat cheese and red cherries. Cantaloupe and sun tea sorbet. We shared, of course ^-^

15219763206_4ce32d797c_cThen it was time for a nap…

15242760505_6e0044aced_c…and peek inside Planters Inn…

15239613801_539ace5c8b_c…and more coconut cake!

15056003219_11d2d963ae_cWe had dinner #1 at Hank’s Seafood…

15242369912_90bb745233_c…a little of everything.

15219744956_237044b96c_c…and dinner #2 at FIG. The best meal of this trip. That chicken liver mousse is stunning.

15056190008_c2e8bf270b_cAnd so is the chitarra…

15219741336_0775839a41_c…and all the desserts.

15055987859_32b5e2b2eb_cWe woke up early the next morning for breakfast at Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit.

15242738165_ded7c7e9fb_cToo hard to settle on just one biscuit…

15242740415_671b4f6b7b_c…so we shared six biscuits, a mix of sweet and savory. I used to buy these biscuits frozen in NYC, so it was fun to finally get taste the “fresh” version. Then we were on our way to Kiawah Island!

15055984709_ea6c9609c3_cBut first, a lunch stop at Xiao Bao Biscuit where we ate…

15056178468_a97b5568ea_c…and ate…

15239655181_7d0d487bbd_c…and ate.

15055982909_3c816d07e2_cPicked up a slice of banana walnut bread from WildFlour Pastry. They do a killer sticky bun on the weekends.

15242349692_e262ab8a19_cAn hour later, Kiawah Island!

15242347472_1cb5090b7c_cWe napped and worked the entire afternoon…

15056047720_e66cc39495_c…before dinner at the Ocean Room. I’d happily start every dinner with oysters ^-^

15055972539_a421f6e8a2_cEarly night, and early rise for a French toast breakfast…

15239640681_d3f268f2a1_c…and morning stroll.

15055965419_e06e4e142a_cWe visited the Charleston tea plantation (separate post coming) in the late morning…

15056033670_974c2c60ea_c…and had lunch at Martha Lou’s.

15219710676_6260f02f07_cFried chicken heaven.

15055961219_b612467d7d_cWe drove back into Charleston property and checked into Restoration on King.

15239629461_d6a722ed83_cMandatory work/nap time.

15219703236_3babce034f_cAnd then drinks and dinner #1 at Husk…

15056147617_f0cdb7d93b_c…a killer cheeseburger and deviled eggs topped with pickled okra.

15242317782_3b2b2a48f2_cAnd dinner #2…

15242323962_ef5b656e7a_c…at McCrady’s.

15242702085_8fec70a01e_cEndless bites.

15219692096_10f1189270_cNext day, lunch at Caviar & Bananas (like a Charleston version of Dean & Deluca’s) and a giant wedge of blackberry pie…

15242311842_4dd7c52d59_c…and an afternoon work session at Black Tap. Brown sugar latte! And then back to NYC ^-^

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