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By Steven Li on 2007-06-17

June 17, 2007


6:00 am, Tuesday morning: Tsukiji!

Oh yes, there was enough eye candy for us all!

Next to the market are rows of barracks housing restaurants and stores, look at all this tamago one guy was selling!

It’s mind boggling how many people wait in line for sushi at 7:00 in the morning!

Our omakase was an incredibly good deal at $38. I’m not going to comment on every piece, as there are plenty more posts I wanted to share with you, and the trip to Bangkok! So forgive me, but pictures do tell a thousand words and then some :)

My favorite was the uni, so cold and buttery, the texture resembling chilled soft cream on the verge of melting. We were allowed to select one more item at the end, and I went with another piece of uni (my parents had the fatty tuna).

A second after taking this pictures, the clam literally jumped off the rice. And the guy next to me shuddered out loud. Man, he was missing out.

At first I thought that there was nothing on the rice, but look closely and you’ll see dozens of tiny shrimp.

Oh that full feeling of satisfaction!

On the way back to the station, I passed a stand selling squid ink soft serve.

I stood there for a good minute, debating whether I should give it a try, but what the heck, how do you know whether you like it or not till you taste it?

Ohohoh, it was strange. I didn’t dislike it, nor did I like it very much. A little sweet, but more salty, it left a very bitter, oh so bitter aftertaste. It won’t satisfy any dessert cravings. Not will it curb salty cravings. It’s one of those curious in-between things. My tongue and lips were totally black after finishing it.

It’s hard to stop eating, because no matter where you go, even if it’s just walking back to the station, good food is screaming everywhere. And they make it easy for you to eat by selling food from stands or just inside a street shop. Oh man the temptation! While waiting for my sister to get a bottle of water, I spotted a lady selling mochi. And so what did I do?

Get one! But this time, I shared of course! It was a simple round of matcha flavored mochi filled with azuki bean and dusted in kinako, but as I reconfirmed on this trip, the best things are simple.

And just when I thought I was done with dessert (I don’t usually have so much sushi, then soft serve, then mochi before 10am!) I found more mochi!

And the worst part is that my mom loves mochi even more than me, so she was urging me to get it, “when’s the next time you’re coming back here?!” she insisted. Sometimes my mom is like the devil’s food advocate.

But you should always listen to mom! I could find no difference in flavor between the pink and white mochi, but these were significantly chewier and less sweet than the ones I grew up eating at home.

The majority of mochi I’ve encountered here are either plain or filled with azuki bean paste, but I wish they would do something more interesting like blend black sesame paste into the mochi, or fill it with mashed taro. Just a wish though…no complaints! :)

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