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By Steven Li on 2007-05-31

May 31, 2007


Peppa’s on King St.

The one type of Korean food I missed in both LA and NYC was definitely fish jun. And meat jun. Any kine jun! All my life I grew up thinking that meat and fish jun was real Korean food. Apparently I was very wrong. Meat and fish jun is purely local, as in Hawaii local, Korean food. (You mainlanders don’t know what you’re missing out on!)

Inside Peppa’s

It’s a simple concept, yet insanely delicious tasting. Thin slices of beef marinated in shoyu based blend with garlic, green onions, pepper and just enough sesame oil to notice, then batter up with flour and egg, then fry till you got an almost thin crispy layer of fried egg with sizzling beef layered between.

Meat Jun & BBQ Chicken Combo

But you do not ever eat meat jun plain, just like that. You need a complete plate lunch!

Closer look at Kimchee and Jap Chae

At Peppa’s today I did the meat jun and bbq chicken combo, two scoops rice, and side orders of kim chee, shoyu potatoes, jap chae, and bean sprouts. When I’m in a super jun-ny mood, I do the meat jun and fish jun combo. The meal runs about $8 and is an incredibly filling lunch. But no matter how big the meal is, it would never feel complete if I were missing one component or another.

Closer look at Shoyu Potatoes & Bean Sprouts

Oh! I forgot! I need to learn how to make shoyu potatoes one day, cause I could make a dozen meals of shoyu potatoes alone. The only downside to local Korean plate lunches is the ridiculously high sodium content, I need to drink at least a gallon of water after these meals. But supposedly, it’s all about moderation right? ;)

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