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By Steven Li on 2007-05-24

May 24, 2007


I stopped by Island Manapua in the Manoa Marketplace today to pick up some chow funn for lunch. My grandpa used to take me to the Kalihi location as a child, but since moving to Manoa, this has proved much more convenient. Plus with a farmer’s market and Long within a few walking steps, you can get all your shopping done at the same time!

I came in right around lunch hour and the place was starting to fill up with local business people and many, many Punahou students. Some ordered a pair of manapuas and dim sum, while others did the two-item combo (chow funn/chow mein and two choices).

A half order of chow funn sets you back only $3, and proved to be quite filling paired with leftover pork spareribs from last night’s dinner. The chow funn is on the bland side with only a few veggies and a smattering of char siu, but it was not nearly as greasy as I expected. I’ve heard from many that the best chow funn on the island is to be found at Fukuya – but I wouldn’t know cause they’re always sold out by the time I get there!

Island Manapua Factory
Manoa Marketplace
2752 Woodlawn Dr. #5-113
(808) 988-5441

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