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By Steven Li on 2007-03-28

March 28, 2007


Aiya! Uh-oh is right! Food blogging adds a great deal to the waistline! I’m not about to turn this into a weight management blog…but when I went to buy jeans last week (cause the old ones no fit no more!) I jumped FOUR sizes. It was a good thing I was thin to start with…sheesh. I used to do runway shows for Chanel and Christian Dior during my high school years – don’t think I can get into any of those clothes any more :( Well, on a brighter note, I went to get ice cream today! hehe. So much for any thought of weight management. Sometimes food is too good to care (until I try to squeeze into those jeans, that is :)

Bert ‘n Rocky’s is just a few streets down from my dance class at Pomona, so it works out really well. I dance then I eat! haha. That is my life on Mondays and Wednesday. But today was Tuesday, which is sit-in-a-million-accounting-classes day. I had no intention intention of ice cream-ing until that craving hit. You know that craving where you can do nothing but think of that one food item until you get it?

So I gave in like silly old goose and had me a scoop of Mocha Espresso and Caramel Cashew. The ice cream here never fails to impress and is consistently swoon worthy in that way that only old-fashioned ice cream, heavy on the butterfat and generous in the scoop sizes, can be. The mocha espresso tastes as if dark chocolate coffee beans were whipped and whirled into smooth creamy bliss. It is so dark in color, almost black and verges on bitterness, but the sweet shines in just right, just enough. The best is when it melts into the brown buttery cashew ice cream (the bottom scoop) with glossy ribbons of soft dark golden caramel swirled in with abandon.

In the afternoon when I feel less sinful and in a fruiter mood, I go for the Banana Walnut. The bits of chopped bananas are suspended in the ice cream, but still soft enough to sink your teeth in. It a subtle sort of richness, creamy and mellow, and never gets boring because there always the occasional crunch of walnuts. The only qualm I have about this flavor is the addition of food coloring to make the ice cream a more “friendly” shade. Let it be brown if it’s meant to be brown!

But alas, I am a chocolatey person when it comes to ice cream and this is something that I cannot help and cannot be blamed for. It runs in the family. Sometime last semester my frequent trips to Starbucks started to get severely out of control. I was constantly drunk on liquid sugar. Caramel Macchiatos, Mocha Frappuccinos, Double Chocolate Frappuccinos…and always with extra whipped cream. It is rather disgusting now that I think of it! So now when I feel sleepy, I no longer turn to coffee, I take care of my drooping eyes with a dose of Cappuccino Crunch! The ‘crunch’ comes in the forms of tiny shards of dark chocolate mingles in a smoothy milky ice cream, heavy on the coffee. It’s sweeter than the Mocha Espresso, but I doubt it has half the sugar of a Frappuccino. Sigh. Why am I so attracted bad, sweet, fatty foods?

The Devil’s Food and Java Rx is a potent combination to say the least. I like to let this mix sit it the sun just to soften a bit, then swirl them together so I get bits that mingle the dark chocolate flavors redolent of the cake it is named after and just as decadent, with a coffee that’s not as strong as the espresso but less creamy than the cappuccino. Don’t you like how they offer so many degrees of coffee-ness and chocolate-ness?

But sometimes I can experience chocolate overload. Like the time I went twice in one day within a three hour time span. Once right before dance class and once right after. I ate the once before in anticipation of the calories I’d burn off and the one right after to congratulate myself for breaking a sweat in class. The bottom scoop is the Mocha Espresso (you can probably tell by now that this is my favorite flavor)…but when I was deciding my second scoop, I was like, ehhh, lets go easy on the chocolate. So I had cheesecake! Blackberry Cheesecake to be exact. And you know what? She gave me a scoop so huge that I though I was going to explode after finishing it. Part of it had to do with eating another double scoop just hours ago…but still. The sample scoop of the cheesecake was good, but I do not think I can take cheesecake ice cream in significantly large quantities. I was out sugary-cheesed. It was too cream cheesey, too decadent for me and I would have like more blackberries in there to balance it out. Ahhh, I remember that well. It was the day I had to throw away part of a scoop because I honestly could not finish it. Could not. No matter how hard I tried!

hehe. maybe it was better for my protruding-ice-cream-belly that i did not finish it!

Bert ‘n Rocky’s
242 Yale Avenue
Claremont, CA 91711
(909) 625-1852

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