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By Steven Li on 2007-03-24

March 24, 2007


On a whim, some friends and I headed out to Nobu Malibu late last night. We had just celebrated the official “end of the first week back from spring break” with a dorm made dinner of spam, eggs, rice and furikake, when the random suggestion came up. No one had Friday classes, so off we went!

The restaurant was only half full around 9:30pm and we were quickly seated without reservations. We had a table smack in the middle of the restaurant – good for people watching and even better for food watching.

It was pretty neato to think that just an hour ago I was sitting in my dorm room studying for Accounting Theory midterm :)

While deciding on our order, we shared a plate of edamane, unremarkable at the best. However I did take a great liking to the generous, but not overly excessive sprinkles of sea salt. The best kine edamame is when you toss it with lots of garlic sauteed in butter…and then sprinkle sesame seeds on top!

I started with a bowl of Clam Miso Soup, simple and clean with a trio of sweet clams to the bowl. In retrospect I could have done without the soup and paid $2 more for another dessert, hehe.

Will had the special martini of the evening, some sort of tropical fruity something or another. I took a sip and once again reconfirmed my dislike for any alcoholic liquids. It was pretty though!

We decided to just go with a few sushi rolls being as we had already unfortunately stuffed ourselves with fried spam and eggs (but it was so good!). My favorite was the soft shell crab. Crunchy fried crab and cuts of avocado were rolled up nice and tight in nori, and then again in a thin cut of daikon. I can’t recall the roll on the bottom for the life of me (I’m sorry!) cause I didn’t eat …but…forgive me please? I’m so bad at sushi reviewing, as you can see. I just know when it’s good and when I like it, but that about ends there!

The salmon skin roll was salty, rich, and melded oh-so-nicely into the creamy avocado and offset by the crunch of the cucumber. Like the crab, a layer of daikon was also wrapped over the nori made for a clean ending. The yellowtail made for soft and buttery glory. Each piece was like a little drug bomb, I could probably eat a dozen more if you put it in front of me…but by then my mind already drifted to the dessert menu, which we had asked to look at, and had set aside during the beginning of the meal.

It was hard choosing among chocolate spring rolls, trio of brulees and chocolate ‘bento box’ but I decided to end the evening with the Shiso Crepe, two softly green hued crepes specked with bits of shiso leaf, filled with butter sautéed bananas, then folded into neat squares and stacked one on top of another. The bananas were sliced so thin that I could pick out each piece, hold it up to the dim light and see right through. I could not pick out the shiso flavor in the crepe very well, but the soft color was rather comforting. Accompanying the crepes was a scoop of shiso gelato on a bed of crunchy meringue. The silky gelato had a slight minty flavor, very soothing and melted easily as butter in tongue. A well spent $9!

And that was the end of our evening.
HAH! Or so I thought!
While driving along Pacific Coast Highway, we past by Moon Shadows, which Will insisted on going in.

It was kind of creepy looking on the outside, but we gave it a shot anyways. They were about to close when we got in, but there was just enough time for Will to have a gin tonic…

…and for us to have dessert again! Sorry the shot is so blurry, someone was eager to get a bite! The individually baked apple pie ran about four inches across with a rich crust verging on a buttery shortbread. The apples were diced into little pieces to match the little size of the pie. Flavors were just right, not too sweet with a heavy notes of cinnamon and nutmeg. On top lay a simple scoop of vanilla bean ice cream (the menu said rum raisin ice cream, but they were out)…I looked at it, and started to think, what’s with all these restaurants and small scoops of ice cream and gelato? This is the area where one should be more generous!

Fun ending to the start of a boring Thursday if I do say. I wish someone would make me shiso crepes for breakfast everyday. We made the trek back home in just over an hour, and by midnight, I found myself back in Claremont again. Bah.

Nobu Malibu
3836 Cross Creek Road
Malibu, CA 90265
(310) 317-9140

Moon Shadows
20365 Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu, CA 90265
(310) 456-3010

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