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By Steven Li on 2007-02-06

February 06, 2007


Today I was blessed by the delivery of the many books I ordered from Amazon. There are a total of five books. The three related to hospitality and restaurant accounting are for my senior thesis. I really wanted to write about food, just food, croissants in particular, for thesis. But alas, I was told that in order to graduate with honors, you MUST write thesis in the topic of your major (gasp!). It is difficult to meld the topics of croissants and financial accounting into a 100-page thesis. What to do? So I sat down and did some heavy thinking over an In-N-Out Neapolitan milkshake. And there must be something magical in that milkshake, cause within three sinfully thick and creamy sips of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, my thesis topic popped into my head: restaurant accounting!

The other two books are much more interesting I assure you. Mindless Eating by Brian Wansink and Calvin Trillin’s The Tummy Trilogy. The Tummy Trilogy is a collection of my three favorite books from Trillin, American Fried, Alice, Let’s Eat, and Third Helpings. I’ve read all of Trillin’s books before in the past, but he’s just one of those writers I come back to over and over again. Because no matter how many times you’ve read his stories, they will never fail to make you laugh. And happy. Oh so happy.

Well, it’s going to be a difficult decision, trying to decide what I’ll do with my next free hour before class. Start the bagazillion page senior thesis or do some food reading for pleasure? ;)

(On the subject of my dorm room carpet: Friday night I made miso soup to have with my rice, Spam, eggs and ume furikake. All was going well. I made the soup in my saimin pot on the hot plate, and poured the soup into a ceramic bowl. Mistake #1: I forgot to turn off the hot plate. Roommate says, “is something burning?” “Oh no!” I cried and quickly dashed six feet across to the other side of our dorm. I turn off the hot plate, and thinking it would be stupid to leave an empty pot on a still hot surface, I remove the pot and put it on the ground (we’re operating in a college dorm here). Our ground is carpeted. That was mistake #2.

So I had my dinner, and enjoyed it quite a bit even though I ate way more Spam than intended. It was so good though, cause I pan fried it until really crispy and even added some teriyaki sauce. And after I finished I decided that, well, why don’t I be good today, and do the dishes. So I pick up my bowl, chopsticks, and saimin pot off the ground. Only the pot wouldn’t lift. I mean, it wouldn’t move. My god! It was stuck to the floor! Holy moley, I melted the carpet. Oh no. I started to tremble. I gathered a good portion of the girls living on my floor. We must lift the pot from the carpet!!! But it wouldn’t go. It wouldn’t leave. It wouldn’t budge. I was so sure I was doomed. And I started to cry.

But wait! I had a knife. Not the puny steak knife kind, but the big butchers knife, all shiny and sharp. Just in case I’d ever need it. And so I whipped it out from the dark corners of my pantry shelf and started slicing the pot off the carpet. It was ridiculous I tell you. The pot came off after great muscle strength exertion. I was home free. The bottom of the pot was covered in nice thick layer of carpet fur. And our carpet was naked.)

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