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By Steven Li on 2007-01-22

January 22, 2007


I’ve been back at school for more than a week now, but while I’m pretty good at being in denial, I guess we have to face reality soon enough.
Today, I didn’t start classes until 1PM so spent all morning cleaning my room. I made my bed, put away my books, made a wall calendar….annnnnd….I turned my closet into a FOOD PANTRY! Cool eh? I’d show you pictures, but my roommate left her bras all over the place, and I don’t think she’d like that in the pictures and I don’t really want to move them with my hands.
So, I was trying to decide what I would put in my pantry and here are the items I came up with:

1. Tesco Peanut Butter, compliments of Shann, direct from London! When she gave it to me, Shann said that it tasted “different.” “Good kind different?” I asked. “Just different,” she replied. And she was so right. It is hard to describe, but it’s definitely saltier with a more complex, creamier flavor. The picture is of the crunchy one, but I also got a jar of the smooth stashed away for after this one is all pau.

2. Mini packets of furikake. Six different flavors ranging from cod roe to salmon. Fun, convenient and pretty darn good!

3. Jaffa Cakes from Shann who hit it right on the mark when she described it as a mini black and white cookie, with only the black, and a sploge of orange jelly in the center. It’s so intriguing, this Jaffa Cake and it looks like a mini spaceship but tastes of an chocolate orange cake. I don’t know what to make of it, but I like it.

4. Wow, so far most of my “pantry” is made up of stuff from Shann, including this box of organic dark chocolates. I like to eat one everyday around 4pm, it really jolts me up with it’s intense darkness and smooth texture, right when that afternoon sleepiness hits.

5. Olive Oil Cookies with Hawaiian Ginger from The Big Island Candies company. This company is most famous for their chocolate dipped shortbread, but I got tired of that pretty quick. These cookies are in a whole nother league of their own. A thin disk, lightly crispy with an unassuming taste of olive oil and bits of candied ginger. The oil is kind of haunting, not the most easy flavor to pick out, and works in sweets similar to the way Batali’s Olive Oil gelato does. Butter is still my favorite form of fat, but these cookies are a relief for bored taste buds.

Before Fan went to Disneyland, she asked what I wanted her to bring back. “A Corndog please,” I requested. (You can blame my need for a Disneyland Corndog on Elmo’s post). She came back to school later that evening and said that it would have been too difficult to carry a corndog back, and besides, corndogs are no good when cold. So she got me fudge.

Okay, so this is not a well balanced pantry. But I’ll have you know that I’ve also got a million pounds of brown, jasmine, and japanese rice in there, along with eggs, frozen dumplings from my grandma, soy milk, skim milk, miso dressing, spam, plain yogurt, greek yogurt, mccann’s oatmeal, peaches and pears, soba, english muffins, cheerios, shoyu, hot chocolate, nutella, miso soup mix, tofu, milano cookies, green tea, peppermint tea, black tea, darjeeling tea, vitamin gummy bears, and real normal vitamins.

Now excuse me while I go out and buy a mocha cookie from Some Crust.

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