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By Steven Li on 2006-12-22

December 22, 2006


I’ve been spending way more time than necessary at Ala Moana in a rash and unsuccessful attempt to finish Christmas shopping. I go with the best intentions but end up getting distracted by food, people watching, and book reading at Barnes & Nobles. So I never get anything done. Sigh. Some things never change. My favorite part about shopping is making stops at Shirokiya, a Japanese oasis of food, books, electronics and baked goods (at Saint Germain). The other day I tried a new item, the “Dry Curry Roll” ($2.80). It’s your basic California roll with avocado and crab, only this time, the entire outside is rolled in yellow curry powder. And ta-dah! It becomes a Curry Roll! Fascinating, isn’t it? It was a nice change from the ordinary, though I don’t think I’ve become an immediate fan. Perhaps when I’m back at school and short on food and money, I think curry powder and rice would make a good meal! :)

Today I had the Butterfish Bento ($7.20) which includes a local sized portion of rice, grilled butterfish, pickles, mushrooms, fishcake, a black seaweed (of which I do not know the name, but love to eat), two pieces of fried shrimp and a square of fried chicken (in front of the fish). The chicken really threw me off, it was a small tough square, very chewy and reminded me of a thick hunk of deep fried beef jerky. Perhaps this is a common Japanese item which I am unfamiliar with? But the butterfish was yummy as always. Smooth and savory, flaky to the touch, man, I love butterfish!

Ala Moana Shopping Center
1450 Ala Moana Blvd. #2250
Honolulu, HI 95814
(808) 873-9111

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How to Connect to College Reps  Let яюE’s confront it; if you are apply to institution

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How to Connect to College Reps  Let’s confront it; if you are apply to institution experts a competition using hundreds, or even thousands, connected with students. You want to merge but jump out. One way to get noticed is to be well-known, and identified in a good way. How? Individual interactions using college associates is one way.

Being in contact with a school rep is or two causes.

  1. Lots of college reps are the same individuals who will learn your university applications.
  2. Some colleges apply demonstrated attraction as one approach to rate an applicant. Demonstrated curiosity is just how many times the faculty can trail your connections: email, messages or calls, visits thus to their campus, together with meetings by their college sales reps.

Follow this advice for making wonderful impressions by using college sales reps:


It happens to be fine in making online exposure to college distributors to ask questions, to grate them for any visit or simply information, to make inquiries, and so on If you choose to make contact with a college repetition online, check out tips:

  • Be sure you offer an appropriate email. luvs2partyyyy probably are not the right email address to use for the college organization. Instead, people recommend that you retain it as well as stick with your current name.
  • Look at your social media and become sure it’s actual presentable. Eradicate or at least obscure pictures, blogposts, videos, and so forth that would allow you to be appear adverse to prospective colleges.
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