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By Steven Li on 2006-11-21

November 21, 2006


I can’t help it, I have no self-control! Everyone once in a while I’ll have so many sweets and pastries in a day that by the end of my sugar fest, I’m like, no way, never again. And I’ll be fine. For a day or so. Come the second or third day I’ll have this unexplainable craving for PASTRY! It’s really a lose-lose situation. But a very tasty one. I tend to lean towards sweets that are not too sweet, but when I get one of those mad American sugar cravings, I head to Sugar Sweet Sunshine. Of all the Magnolia-esque bakeries in Manhattan, SSS is by far my favorite – the cupcakes are just moist and the rhubarb pies are insane, but most importantly they always have a good assortment of PUUUUDDDINGS!

I have severe weakness for pudding. I love the soft comforting texture, the feel of spoonfuls after spoonfuls of cold sweet chocolate creams…mmm. It’s so glorious. Take for example the Piggy Pudding. Don’t worry, you don’t feel nearly as heavy after eating it as the name might imply. Layers of chocolate pudding and a soft cream cheese whipped cream form a good two-inch tower atop a bed of shortbread cookie crust. The cream cheese layer is airy light beyond words and holds well to tame the rich chocolate and buttery base.

Or you may want to try one of their cupcakes. I’m not a big fan of buying cupcakes because I’m more often than not letdown by the cloying sweetness and overly dry ones found at many “gourmet” bakeries. And it’s REALLY hard to justify paying upwards of $2/cupcake when you know Betty Crocker could do much better at $.99/box! However I have to contradict myself when it comes to cupcakes at SSS – on the rare occasion that carrot cupcakes are in stock, I forego the puddings and pounce on the cupcake (or get both, which is what usually happens). The Carrot One. The only one I’ll eat, is awesome! It has a definite crumb yet at the same time is so soft that it becomes somewhat reminiscent of pudding in a cake form. There are tons of shredded carrots, raisins, bits of nuts, making for a wonderfully moist concoction. Just a tad sweet, making the whipped cream cheese frosting a welcome addition, as opposed to an overbearing crown of cakey sugar.

If the notion of a pudding like cupcake inspires, then you must have the pumpkin pudding! This started off as a seasonal treat, but I was told it got so popular that they’ve got it year round now :) The trifle is composed of chunks of spiced pumpkin cake in alternating layers of eggnog pudding and whipped cream. It’s simple, only three very base components. And it’s hard to go wrong. Though you’d be surprised at how so many bakeries can screw up such simple treats. But they do it right here. It’s worth your $3.25. Just forgo the Starbucks Peppermint Mocha.

And if you really really like your puddings, then please don’t pass on the banana pudding at SSS. This picture is from a previous post, but it’s the one dessert I can always count on to make a bad day good, a good day better and the best of days insanely delicious!

I only ate the first three in one sitting, not all four! And I shared…well, kind of…it’s not easy to share puddings…hehe

I know all these are rather crude desserts. Nothing in the realm of WD-50 or Lady M Confections, but they are so comforting and while I can simultaneously say Sam Mason’s creations are “decadent” and SSS’s puddings are just as “decadent,” I’m using different comparison markers. Cause they are both quite decadent. In their own special way.

Sugar Sweet Sunshine
126 Rivington St
New York, NY 10002
(212) 995-1960

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