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By Steven Li on 2006-11-17

November 16, 2006


OK! I’m going to do it! First of all, thanks for all your advice, what I really appreciate was how decisive everyone was…no, “well pursue your dreams if that’s what feels right”,…none of the, “it’s really your decision to make” (even though it is :)). I’m really grateful you all took the time to give your input – and now I’m going to act on it!

I will be an employed auditor as of fall 2007!!! Woohoo. Now doesn’t that sound exciting. Even more exciting…expense account lunches!!! But one more problem needs to be solved. I got a call from the KPMG recruiter yesterday congratulating me on an offer. Exciitttttting! So…PwC or KPMG? I’d didn’t receive the offer package yet so I don’t know how much the salary is…but…their office has an awesome pizza truck parked outside for lunch everyday. And the recruiter is mighty good looking…like reeeeaaaaly good looking…not that that should have any influence on my decision!

Well at least I feel happier now, knowing that I’m heading in some sort of direction! I like options, but sheesh, they can get confusing! :)

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