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By Steven Li on 2006-09-28

September 28, 2006


What is this sudden obsession with frozen yogurt? Pinkberry, Kiwiberry, and Fiore…
Well I didn’t think I would have the chance to visit any of these places, given my living-in-LA-with-no-car situation, but lo and behold, Kiwiberry pops up in the Claremont Village of all places! Finally. A place within walking distance! So on Sunday afternoon (when I should have been doing accounting homework) I strolled over on my own two feet to Kiwiberry.

The interior of the shop is clean and modern, stark white walls with splashes of bright colors here and there, in an attempt to appeal to the vast numbers of college students in the vicinity. It doesn’t fit into the old town feel of Claremont, but is a welcome change nonetheless. I was given a sample of their two flavors: plain and green tea. They taste exactly the same. Tangy, just a faint touch of sweetness with the consistency of slightly icy frozen yogurt. The menu is short and simple. Two flavors. Two sizes – $2.00/small and $3.50/large. Add $1.50 for up to three toppings of your choice. Okay, I lied. It’s not that simple. They just added on crepes and smoothies a few weeks ago. But no more complicated than that.

I chose the small green tea, no toppings, in an attempt to try pick out the “green tea” flavor. Unsuccessful. It just tasted like the plain one! The only green I detected was the mellow color of the yogurt. (Lack of) greenness aside, I enjoyed Kiwiberry but don’t understand people’s “addiction” to it. It’s a cup of green colored frozen yogurt! Good on a hot day, but McDonald’s soft serve cone would leave me just as content. I’d opt for a flaky croissant any day. Oh pastries. I think they win my heart in the end.

Ooops, the pastry thing was a tangent. But you get the point – croissant vs. frozen yogurt? Yesyes, croissant of course! :)

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