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By Steven Li on 2006-06-02

June 02, 2006


So what kind of cake does Governor Linda Lingle have for her birthday?

I recently had a chance to attend the Governor’s “birthday bash” with my parents. They were there to “party” and I…well, I just wanted to know what kind of food would be served! Held in the Sheraton ballrom, the party was done stand up pupu style. Though satisfying, the food was far from exceptional – it would be unfair to come with high food standards considering the massive amounts of hungry people that needed to eat within the two-hour time frame. (And I think people were more interested in politics than food, gasp!) It was standard hotel fare from turkey carvings (with taro rolls, of course) to a pasta station with options of tomato, pesto cream and clam sauce. There was also a table with local Chinese food, think chicken cake noodles and spring rolls and barbeque chicken and pork sticks.

The dessert station offered choices of tiramisu, guava and haupia cakes. All you local people know what the guava and haupia taste like as nearly every bakery in Hawaii offer their own version of these island cakes. I had a piece of all three (blame it on my high dessert tolerance) and found the haupia to be just a white cake layered with flaked coconut whipped cream, where was the soft haupia like custard? The guava was too sweet for me, but it has been so long since I’ve tasted guava anything, I ate my rosy pink slice laced with the sweet tang of guava curd with much gusto. The best of the trio was the tiramisu cake – coffee soaked slices of soft, spongy chocolate cake layered with a light mocha cream. Not a traditional tiramisu, but certainly good!

I was all content and quite full – or so I thought. When Govenor Lingle gave a thank you speech later on during the party the kitchen staff rolled out a cart bearing a huuuuuge chocolate cake. Plenty of candles included! You’ve all had this cake – the standard chocolate with chocolate fudge and a really sugary frosting. Already knowing that it wouldn’t taste that great, I probably shouldn’t have had a piece (dentist nodding her head in disapproval). But oh well, it was a birthday party and what kind of guest refuses a slice of birthday cake? As expected, sugary cake with even sugary-er frosting. I was happy nonetheless, don’t come too high food expectations and you won’t be let down. The party was fun and I had an opportunity to meet many people, though I probably scared more away by taking pictures of the food! My mom sighs in disapproval, “people are pushing each other to get a pictures with the Governor and you want is pictures of CAKE?” Lol. Oh mom!

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