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By Steven Li on 2006-05-08

May 08, 2006


It’s late in a new york city night and I’m hankering for some food. No desserts please, my sweet tooth has been satisfied for the day and nothing greasy, for I can’t seem to stop at just one Corner Bistro burger. I just want a small quiet place to chill with a friend, talk over a light snack. The focus of the conversation though, must be about the “snack” itself. Cause we’re in new york. And we’re here to eat. Pssst…let’s head to Ino’s.

This truffled egg toast is hailed as a genius creation by Ino’s fans…tack me onto the list. A thick slice of bread hovering the lines between a dense country and focaccia is hollowed out and filled with an egg then lavishly drizzled with truffle oil. The whole creation is slid into a small oven and toasted till the bubbling egg verges on spilling over the side of the bread, the edges, hot and crusty. A sprinkle of pepper to tie up the ends, sweet green asparagus, the essence of truffles everywhere, ohhhh…you know you want it.

On another occasion, I enjoyed the hot bruschetta layered with pears and a snowy white mound of mascarpone. My mouth marveled at the delicious simplicity of crunchy bread doused in honey with bites of sweet crisp pears and a mouthful of creamy cool cheese. It’s basic enough to make at home, but everything seems to taste better in the whisper-like cozy atmosphere of Ino’s.

Apologies for the super off centered picture, I was so hungry I couldn’t think straight! :)

21 Bedford St
NY, NY 10014
(212) 989-5769

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Given that like absolutely everyone you know is boasting about how their child instantly juggles innovative classes with guitar courses, volunteering around the senior property, and learning Cantonese. It’s enough to provide you with a complex pertaining to whether or not your child can even remain competitive when applying for colleges.

Perfectly, fear not. Here are five actions to take to ensure your personal student’s trajectory is in the fast the path toward college acceptance although preparing your teen for college or university.

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Typically the Rushmore symptoms of inviting your child to enrol every membership in sight just brings into play a student which will seems like the jack coming from all trades and also master regarding non-e. Accès committees will fooled by way of a student who all suddenly appear to be interested in one month different initiatives the summer in advance of junior season. Instead, focus on your child’s specific interest and let them literally achieve a a higher level proficiency. It can be much more imperative that you demonstrate reputable skill and even commitment. Likewise, it often will cause a solid issue for an program essay.

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