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By Steven Li on 2005-11-11

November 11, 2005


Today was random consumption day. I woke up feeling kind of lost (as to what I planned on eating) but had a terrible brioche craving. So I strolled over The Motley, a nearby coffeehouse and stood in front of the door for a good 1/2 hour before they opened at 8 am. Their brioche were not ready so I had to wait another 1/2 hour before they came out.Brioche’s are my favorite kind of baked goods. Aside from being enormous, this one was pretty good though I had better. It was warm (giving me incentive to eat it as quickly as possible before it cooled down) and had a tender, buttery crumb. My favorite part was the crisp crust that just sort of crumbled into some sort of wonderful baked goodness upon hitting your tongue. Detour: Is there a proper way to eat a brioche? I usually pick off the little knot on top, then eat all the yummy crispy edges and then completely tear apart the soft buttery dough. I’ve seen some people eat it like a piece of bread and others with a fork and knife. To each his own, perhaps?
I felt really full after but not full enough to buy a piece of cornbread (why do I do this? my wallet and stomach say “stop it!” but my eyes and an internal addiction to baked goods go, “dooooo it!” And of course I have to listen). And because I hate carrying food in my backpack for fear that it will be smashed and get “ruined,” I ate the cornbread while walking to Chinese class. I’m pretty partial to most cornbreads, but the less sweet and more “corny” tasting it is, the better. The one above was dense and sticky with a strong honey flavor. I liked the texture but it was more of a dessert cornbread as opposed to the savory type. I got a stomachache after finishing it (I don’t think it was from the cornbread or brioche but my consumption of the two in less than an hour). Punishment for gluttony!
Later in the afternoon I had a peach with cottage cheese. And sometime around dinner I ate about a bazillion bowls of Honey Nut Cheerios with milk. I think I’ll go take some vitamins now. Welcome to the Thursday diet of a college student with no meal plan.

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Tips for Essay Writing Website Surviving College on a Budget  College or university can be an interesting amount of time in lifetime.

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Tips for Surviving College on a Budget  College or university can be an interesting amount of time in lifetime. Apart from projects and efforts, some students have very little additional responsibilities. It is a opportunity for young people to ‘find themselves’, explore passions and also make individual and connections that are professional. Some thing most children will trust however, could be the monetary challenge of pupil life. Pupil board, costs, edibles, and social activities all add up, and working while mastering frequently just gets you only adequate to manage these spending. Here are a few tips for paperwritings reviews thriving college or university on a paperhelp reliable resources.

Produce a spending budget

The step that is first residing and enduring on a budget is always to create the one that is proven to work. A budget might be thought of as restricting, but once done efficiently, a budget can be very releasing. It is a way for you to have actually control that is complete your cash and give a wide berth to unforeseen financial shocks.

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Following that, it is possible to workout just what basics you will ever have cost, for example foods, board and cell bills, and how cash that is much have gone over.

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