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Blueberry Cream Cheese Scones from Diamond Head Grill

July 14, 2007


There are few things in life more welcomed on a lazy Friday afternoon than an oversized blueberry cream cheese scone from Diamond Head Market. Especially when you’ve just had your wisdom teeth taken out! I was lounging around the living room this afternoon, after a lunch of scrambled eggs with feta and a strawberry smoothie when my mom walked in the door, just having come back from a lunch of her own.

“Kathy! Scones!” she announced, knowing I would immediately leap up from whatever laziness I was indulging in (painkillers for wisdom teeth make you awfully tired). Leap up I did, and in reward I encountered one of my favorite sights in the world: a filled bakery box. Her good friend had just given her not one, but a lovely half dozen of Diamond Head Market’s famous scones, speckled with the most joyful shades of fresh blueberries. I’ve heard plenty about these scones, but never had a chance to eat one myself…until now.

These scones are gigantic as far as scones go, and they’re a wonderful sight to see. It would be difficult to not smile upon encountering a freshly baked scone, and practically impossible upon seeing a good six of them all lined up neatly in a picture perfect box. I picked the first on the right to call my own and immediately broke off a piece, it’s substantially lighter than most scones with a crumb more akin to cake than biscuit. The dough itself is buttery moist and richly speckled with blueberries and dabbles of cream cheese chunks. But the best part is the crumbly crisp edge. Whereas the majority of scones have straight edges that simply cut off, these mound off in a dome shape, with sugar sprinkled all over the surface. This way, you get a myriad of textures running from the cut of a soft, near creamy center to the crunchy brown shell and bits of crispy edges with the occasional nibble of sugar crystals. It’s a scone to be coveted, and enjoyed on afternoons with your drink of choice, though I found a glass of iced matcha to be particularly refreshing. Painkillers didn’t do my teeth any good, but this scone sure healed anything that may have been broken!

Diamond Head Market & Grill

3158 Monsarrat Avenue

Honolulu, Hawaii 96815


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