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Bigelow Weight Loss Champion Posts on USA TODAY’s Weight-Loss Challenge Forum

March 14, 2007


USA TODAY has just kicked off its fourth annual Weight-Loss Challenge. This year’s challenge highlights the stories of people who have successfully lost weight and kept it off – weight loss champions! – in order to motivate and encourage readers to do the same. Read more about it here.

This year the Weight-Loss Challenge coincides with the launch of USA TODAY’s Network Journalism Initiative which includes an on-line forum where readers and weight loss champions can share experiences and advice with each other. One of the weight loss champions stepping out to encourage others in losing weight and keeping it off is our very own Kathy DePonte.

Look for Kathy’s posts at the USA TODAY Weight-Loss Challenge Forum

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How Businesses Can Properly Recognize International Tea Day

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International Tea Day

Established in 2005, International Tea Day brings awareness to the tea workers’ contributions to the tea world and their working conditions. It has been observed annually on December 15. However, starting in 2020 it will take place on May 21. But, how exactly should one recognize it? Well, if you’re a business owner I would steer away from using this day as just another marketing opportunity. As someone in the marketing industry, I wanted to offer some other options that businesses, tea related or not, can take into consideration if they would like to honour International Tea Day.

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2019 Pu’erh from Western Vendors are More Expensive Than Ever. Three Ways to Look at Price.

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I’ve been updating a spreadsheet on pu’erh prices on release for the past few years in order to get an idea of tea being offered to western consumers and any possible trends. The well-known popular narrative is that fresh pu’erh prices have gone up and this certainly seems true in the data. Last year the prices looked about the same as the previous year. And when and how much the price has gone up depends on how we look at this and there’s a handful of different ways to look at the data and options available (I do three here).

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Should you buy tea online?

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How to avoid buying bad tea and what are the pros and cons of buying tea online and in traditional shops?
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