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Behind the Brew: Tarragon

September 17, 2014


tarragon(Latin Name: Artemisia dracunculus)

Tarragon is s a kitchen staple in French cuisine, fondly termed the “King of Herbs”. This licorice flavored herb is often used to enhance the taste of chicken, fish and even decadent hollandaise sauce. However; when used for cooking, the amounts of tarragon are often too small to reap its wonderful health benefits. Why not try drinking it as a tea instead?


  • Suffering from hiccups? Try a warm cup of tarragon tea. Tarragon is believed to help with several digestion concerns including hiccups, indigestion and even bloating.
  • The Ancient Greeks chewed fresh leaves to relieve the pain from toothaches. This is probably due to the eugenol oil found in the plant. Eugenol is a natural antiseptic which has a slight numbing effect.
  • Medieval folklore believed that wearing a spring could protect you from dragons and other poisonous creatures.
  • Tarragon is believed to help with depression, anxiety, hyperactivity, insomnia and even muscle and joint pain.

Dried TarragonTips and Tricks:

  • To make a cup of tarragon tea brew one tablespoon of fresh tarragon in boiling water. Steep for five minutes and enjoy.
  • Tarragon can be used to treat intestinal worms. Make a large batch of tea and refrigerate it, as the recommended dose for treatment is four cups a day.
  • Have you cut your finger and there is no antiseptic nearby? Don’t worry, you can pour some of your cooled tarragon tea over the wound for a natural disinfectant.
  • Delight your next dinner party with homemade tarragon butter. Just add finely chopped tarragon leaves to melted butter, pour into your favorite silicone mold and let chill.
  • Don’t want to brew an entire cup of tarragon tea? Add some fresh leaves to your current tea and reap the digestive and relaxation benefits. The licorice flavor of tarragon mixes wonderfully with both black and green teas.
  • Fresh tarragon is fairly easy to grow at home. In fact it’s a perfect herb to grow in your kitchen. All you need is sunlight (4 to 5 hours at minimum), a well drained pot and a bit of love. Allow the plant to dry out between watering; tarragon does not like to be kept wet.

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