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Behind the Brew: Blackberry

December 09, 2014


As the cooler months approach, there’s nothing that brings up the feeling of summer like fresh berries. Instead of throwing them into your next smoothie why not brew up a batch of blackberry tea? Wonderful warm or cold, this antioxidant treat is just the boost you need to get through the snowy season.
Blackberry tea

  • For almost 2000 years, blackberry has been used to treat almost everything from ulcers and whooping cough to snake bites. Blackberry root, bark and berries were a common remedy in medicine cabinets.
  • If you collected blackberries during a certain phase of the moon, it was believed that you could fight off an evil curse or spell.
  • Blackberries are laden with mythology: from being cursed by Lucifer to symbolizing haste and arrogance. Most of these stories end tragically with the protagonist falling into a blackberry bramble and becoming blind.
  • Fairy tales are also fraught with blackberry brambles: Sleeping Beauty’s castle was covered and Rapunzel’s prince lost his eyesight when he fell into them.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Blackberry Tea, IcedCraving sweetness but on a diet? Try adding blackberries to your next salad. Low in calories but high in fiber, this low-fat berry is the perfect treat.
  • Boost your brainpower with blackberry tea. Blackberries have been shown to help alleviate age-related cognitive decline.
  • Stop periodontal disease in its tracks with a cup of blackberry tea. Blackberry extract not only can kill pathogens, but its antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties make it the ideal drink to fight tooth decay.
  • Do you prefer your shirt to be navy blue? Try making homemade dye with fresh blackberries. The juice can be used to dye clothing indigo and navy blue.
  • For the sweetest fruit: pick your blackberries before the end of September.
  • Try brewing some blackberry leaves for a fresh, vitamin C-rich cup of tea.
  • Do you want a sweeter iced tea without the sugar? Try adding fresh blackberries to your next batch. This antioxidant rich berry will give your tea that flavor you’re craving.

Blackberry Tea
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