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November 23, 2010


I bought this white stoneware set from a gentleman on eBay who had had it sitting around for at least a decade and had never used it. I think he said that it had been given to him as a gift while he was working in Japan and he had identified it as Japanese, for sale but it is Korean. I was able to tell this looking at the pictures in the auction, but when it arrived I was able to confirm its country of origin by the manufacturer, KwangJuYo.

Unlike most of the sets I have it is very modernist/contemporary in design rather than a more traditional style of teaware. Functionally it is the same as other sets, and I found it very nice to use. The water cooling vessel feels really nice in the hand and both it and the teapot pour very smoothly. This past weekend I used this set for the first time, to brew some third flush Jakseol by Sulloc-Cha, and it was really pleasant, especially sitting in front of the fireplace.

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