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All in A Day’s Eating: Avocado Smoothies, Mariposa, La Palme D’Or & Curry House

August 15, 2007


Breakfast: Nothing like starting off the day with an avocado smoothie from Thang’s! I somehow convinced mom to drive in the opposite direction from work, going from home in Manoa to Thang’s in Chinatown and then backwards to work in Kapahulu. It was most definitely worth it though, as we both agreed. The avocado smoothies here are truly works of art, each smoothie contains half a fresh avocado, condensed milk, ice, and whatever magic they pour in from the those white bottles behind the counter. It’s thick, yet refreshing from the first sip to the last. Boba is optional, and I usually opt out, but I was in a boba-ish mood this morning. Note: it is deceivingly filling, and I’m betting it would suffice most as a lunch meal – there must be enough calories in here for a day!

But of course I had to go and have a late lunch later in the afternoon right? I met up with a few friends for a snack/afternoon bite at the Mariposa in Neiman’s. To start: popovers with pineapple-papaya butter.

A cup of chicken consommé.

Instead of a complete meal, as I was already super full from the smoothie, I went with the corn chowder, a very reliable standby. Creamy and abundant with kernels of fresh corn, my only complaint was that it was served lukewarm. Even though it was a later ‘lunch’ and the restaurant wasn’t too busy, I felt bad running such a small bill. Our waiter must have super hated us. I sure would have! But we made sure to tip well. And I decided to contribute to the economy by purchasing a little dessert at La Palme D’Or.

And here’s the dessert! I was debating over madelines and financers…settled on a madeline, and then changed my mind when I saw the cream cheese brownie. I LOVE brownies. SUPER LOVE. This was a cakey brownie with a true melt on your tongue texture, not super chocolately but any lack of chocolate was surely compensated with butter, and lots of it. The cream cheese topping was too thin for the height of the brownie, though the whole walnuts pressed on top the brownie was a nice touch.

I went back to the office after the soup and brownie excursion and worked for a few more hours before heading over to the Curry House in McCully for dinner. On the way to dinner, I was sitting in the car and thinking: chee, is this what life is? You eat, then work, then eat, do other stuff, and eat again! I dunno. On a few occasions this summer I found myself so sick of eating that I just wanted nothing more but Cheerios for the rest of my life. I got over that pretty quickly. But still. Whatevers. I don’t think that made any sense at all.

Back to Curry House. Mom had the clam curry pictured above, she was a little sad to find out that it was canned clams… My sister was quite happy with her gyoza curry though, I didn’t manage to get a picture before she stuck her spoon into the dish, mixed everything together, thus rendering it very unphotogenic.

Dad and I both had the chicken katsu curry – another reliable standby like Mariposa’s corn chowder. Today must have been the day of standby foods. It’s always curious to watch how people eat their curry here. Some like to mix it all together. Others like to keep the rice and curry separate for as long as possible. Myself? I dip each piece of super crunchy katsu (which on occasion, contains more katsu batter than meat!) into the curry. Take a bite. Then take a spoonful of curry and rice together and eat! Repeat. To each his own.

Earlier in the summer, Steph and I ate at the Curry House in Ala Moana (after a very stressful day which involved car accidents and boys and smoothies and movies). I am forever grateful to Steph for introducing me to the concept of adding corn with your curry! Pictured here is the gyoza curry with corn! With corn! Isn’t that super awesome? The corn gives snappy little sweet bits with every mouthful, I would have never thought that corn + Japanese curry would go so well, but you know what? There are a lot of things I would have never thought of.

Don’t get the eggplant curry if you go unless you plan on adding something else like cheese or corn to the dish. Otherwise plain eggplant is boring. 7 tiny and sad looking pieces of eggplant. You may as well just have curry spooned over a bowl of rice. The menu here is very versatile. Add squid, kimchee, corn, cheese, anything you can think of! Just don’t get plain eggplant curry.

Curry House is a clear favorite among many of my friends and bloggers on the island. It’s easy to understand why: good food, low prices, big portions…and who wouldn’t like Japanese curry??

Here’s a link to other local reviews on Curry House:

Ono Kine Grindz

Big Island Grinds



Neiman Marcus, Ala Moana Center

1450 Ala Moana

Honolulu, HI 96814

(808) 951-3420

La Palme D’Or

Ala Moana Center Mall Level Mauka

1450 Ala Moana Blvd #2240F

Honolulu, HI 96814

(808) 941-6161

Coco Ichibanya Curry House

1960 Kapiolani Boulevard

Honolulu, HI 96826

(808) 944-4590

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