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Afternoon Tea | Ritz-Carlton Kyoto

November 04, 2014


15560841905_67048843c6_cOnce in a while I’ll come across a truly memorable afternoon tea.

15511614299_dbb3cccdeb_cIt’s rare when food, service, presentation, atmosphere, and the tea itself are perfectly aligned…

14940678283_7e497e754e_c…and when that happens…I am happy for days. Such was the case at the newly opened Ritz-Carlton Kyoto ^-^

15374237709_80610353c7_cThe property collaborated with Pierre Hermé for their classic tea set (when hotels do afternoon tea collaborations, it’s usually a limited edition run). There’s also a Pierre Hermé boutique in the property, so you can count on a fresh selection of sweets.

15375213360_8a2c7a677d_cThe tea list is split into multiple sections, but you want to focus on the Seasonal Teas. Four selection for autumn:

  •  Momijigari | black tea with apples, apricots, and autumn leaves
  •  Moonlight Osmanthus | black tea with osmanthus
  •  Chestnut | green tea and chestnuts
  •  El Nino | black tea and chocolate

We had the Moonlight Osmanthus (detailed post on osmanthus soon!) and Chestnut tea…both so full-flavored and delicate.

14940676513_5585684e03_cAnd then onto the savories!

15561677912_f9f62560b5_cFoie gras parfait with pears

15374836757_e8e6d906fd_cBeets, ricotta, and roast beef with lemon confit

15560849995_fd5044763c_cSalmon, sweet potato, sour cream with olive, and ikura

15374230539_1a074c8757_cScallop and eggplant with vanilla, ginger, and caviar

14940674493_85567a3b17_cMushroom tartlette

15558163981_33055a9020_cThe scones are baked by the Pierre Hermé team, one each of the raisin and carrement chocolat.

15558169181_fc9135a14f_cComes with clotted cream and a seasonal confit.

15375199430_a0a6b12207_cAre you ready for the cakes? This is the best part ^-^

They did a number of Pierre Hermé signatures in miniature:

  • Ibiza | pistachio dacquoise biscuit, orange mascarpone cream, orange marmalade, praline mousse, and nougatine
  • Plaisir Sucré | hazelnut dacquoise biscuit, praline crisps, milk chocolate ganache and chantilly
  • Ispahan | rose macaron, rose petal cream, raspberries, and lychee

15558166111_fc8e860ee1_cChocolate bonbons (ginger and dark chocolate) and macarons (lemon and vanilla).

15374228709_9e75916873_cFinishing with raspberry sorbet. Perfection ^-^

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