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Afternoon Tea | Mandarin Oriental Tokyo

October 19, 2014


15371094587_324ec30087_c (1)Hello from Tokyo ^-^

14936931093_895133ba0b_cMandarin Oriental Tokyo is doing a tea collaboration with Helena Rubinstein

15371484420_bce3783469_c…to celebrate the launch of Life Pearl Cellular. The pastry team infused purple into a number of savory and sweet bites including purple potato tarts…

14936355044_5c9fa0ae74_c…and bacon quiche with roasted purple cauliflower.

15370488739_800c71ce0b_cSavories also include smoked salmon blini with ikura and caviar…

15370487369_3c63cd9b65_c…and ham and comté on whole wheat.

14936941383_8996040908_cInstead of committing to a full pot of tea, guests can order a different type of tea after finishing each cup. Also worth noting – MO Tokyo has two exclusive blends: Exotic Orchard (oolong and pu’erh flavored with lychee) and Mandarin Oriental Blend (oolong infused with citrus fruits).

15370980608_709723b4ab_cScones! Mini in plain and cranberry…

15554428611_c1804465e3_c…with clotted cream, blueberry jam, and lemon curd.

15371100457_8e752a1a71_cSweets include acai jelly and cassis mousse…

15557945282_897819f60f_c…blackcurrant tea and cherry macaron…

15557116905_d1f9ea1496_c…pear tart…


15370972318_04e065d328_c…salted caramel and chocolate crunch…

15371482280_326f72031f_c…and an itty bitty pumpkin pie.

15371492130_6572c25093_cTill next time ^-^

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