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Accountants + Pizza + Dancing = Good Times!

September 29, 2007


Hi! Just returned back to NYC from an exhaustive two weeks of training. Currently I am quite under the weather with a cold, cough, sore throat, numb leg and who knows what else. I suppose this is the consequence of having too much fun…but I wouldn’t know because I was never one of the ‘lets get drunk and dance’ type of student. But now I know! My plans for this weekend are simple;
1. go to Greenmarket for produce, orange juice, and gingerbread. And maybe some pretzels.
2. recover, recover, recover!
But mostly I am going to sleep because I start ‘real’ work on Monday morning, woohoo – wish me luck please! :)

Before we head back to NYC food blogging mode, care to entertain a post on the first deep dish pizza of my liiiiiife? On Saturday night, a bunch of us did the hotel/limo thing and quickly concurred that we should have pizza for dinner, cause who knows when we’ll be back to Chicago. The wait at Giordano’s was TWO HOURS when we came around 9pm…crazy! But we chose to wait and kill time wandering around the city. Never having visited, I didn’t know what to expect of Chicago, and wish I had more time to spend in the city (as opposed to a training center in the boonies of Illionis :).

Abel and I somewhere along Mag Mile

Lots of people, big, clean streets, and everything just seems so darn gosh happy. The two hours flew by quickly thanks to good friends, good talk and a lot of picture taking.

On the streets…

But you just really want to hear about the pizza, don’t cha? ;)

Well here it is! We ordered two large deep dishes (about $25/pizza) – one was the ‘Special’ and the other was pepperoni and onions combo. I loooove onions. It took a lot of debating to settle on the pizzas as we had six people with six different preferences. I’m a staunch advocator of the anchovy and jalapeño combination…but everyone shot that proposal down rather quickly. hehe. We had to pre-order the pizza 20 minutes before we were seated and had to wait an additional 30 minutes after we were seated. Only one thought was running though everyone’s mind as we sat with grumbling tummies at the table, “this better be worth it!”

this is only half of it…check out the next picture :)

…And it soooo was! First off, the pizza was humungo!! There was no way the six of us could finish two pizzas the size of the moon…but not to worry, we took the leftovers back to the hotel where it proved to be an excellent 5am snack.

Look at Abel salivating! He ate the first slice in less than a minute!

It was such an intense pizza. A buttery crust loaded with sausages, onions, mushrooms and green peppers, they were very generous with the ‘toppings’ (ironic, as the ‘toppings’ were at the bottom of the pizza). A pile of melting mozzarella and tomato sauce. Needless to say, it was heavy on the stomach and heart! A true knife and fork affair, though I did manage to pick it up with my hand and eat a bite – I love the satisfaction of finger food. But the best part of the pizza was the crust…tasting of a hot, intensely crispy butter bread – mindblowing! I would have been a happy camper just eating all of the crust from the whole pie and nothing else. I don’t understand people who don’t like pizza crust, it both confuses and makes me slightly upset. A slice each of the Special and pepperoni & onions filled me up to the point of near explosion (keep in mind that I just had half a chocolate milkshake from Jonny Rockets just an hour ago!) The pepperoni & onion was less exciting…if only everyone else had agreed to the jalapeno & anchovy combo! :)

After dinner, we did more walking to digest our food and ended up dancing the night away here. This picture was taken the following morning when we passed it again on our way to Portillo’s.

And alas, an excellent two weeks came to an end yesterday evening. We said good-bye to Chicago, or rather, our convention hotel in St. Charles, and we said good-bye to close friends who were strangers just two weeks ago.

fun times, indeed :)

Sometime between now and Monday morning I’ve got to kick myself out of vacation mode. Plainly put, I have more or less been on ‘vacation’ since graduating in May. Training was work, but with so many hours of fun following work, it still felt like vacation to me! Ok, so snap down, back to real life in two more days! :)

Check the website for locations – there are many!

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