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ABC Primetime Challenge: The Team Who Did It!

March 02, 2007


In a healthy partnership for healthful living, ABC and Bigelow Tea joined forces this summer. A competition was set to follow two teams testing weight loss moTEAvators. The Bigelow Tea Team was on a quest to become healthy for one’s sake. The Bridgeport Bluefish Corporate Office who took on becoming healthy to avoid humiliation. he The ABC Primetime Challenge Weight Special, which aired December 20th , followed the story and people who took part in the event.


  • KATHY (-31 pounds)
    “Several years ago, I lost my spirit and my true self and I gained at least 55 pounds. Being a member of the TEAm Bigelow gave me the will, moTEAvation and the determination to start a journey to find what I lost and to lose what I gained. With everyone’s support, friendship and caring words and deeds, my spirit is starting to rise again and I am on my way to losing the extra pounds. And watch out – my true self hopefully will be arriving too.”
  • MELANIE (-18 pounds)
    “I will admit that although being on television was not a goal for me, wanting to prove to all of ‘TV Land’ that I could make the effort and successfully lose the 15 pounds was a huge incentive! But the BEST part for me was actually DOING IT…LOSING the weight! I was beginning to feel that my age and injuries were going to win the ‘battle of the bulge’ but I found out that victory always goes to hard work and perseverance! Cliché or not, I forever count my experience with Bigelow’s weight loss team as a solid foundation for future successes.”
  • ED (-22 pounds)
    “I have learned through this experience that, “It is not necessarily our individual efforts that make the most difference but it is the support, courage and hard work of others that help individuals accomplish great and challenging things.”
  • DON (-22 pounds)
    “The challenge was far more than just a weight loss experiment; it was an intimate opportunity to share and support many different facets of teammate life experiences that became appreciated through the shared relationships in achieving our goal.”
  • LIZ (-20 pounds)
    “This was truly a life style change for me. Getting up at 4:25am was not a problem. I am at the gym by 5:00am each day. I never went to the gym before this. My motto is, “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.” Phil 4:13 – I prayed a lot, cried a lot, and drank lots of Green Tea. I have no desire to eat and do the things I did before. I have to thank God, ABC, the ‘TEAM,’ my co-workers, and my family. Everyone was and is very supportive!
  • MARYANN (-16 pounds)
    Leafy greens are quite okay,
    But white and starchy…stay away.
    Drink lots of green tea and water every day,
    and watch your waistline waste away.
  • MIKE (-19 pounds)
    “Never go to a weigh-in with wet pants.”
  • JEANNETTE (-13 pounds)
    “It was a challenge but by faith and hard work, I was able to drop 13 of the 15 pounds required to meet PRIMETIME requirements. Due to getting off to a slow start because of some of the medication I was (and still am) taking, I came up short, but I am still determined to lose a total of 60 pounds and get down at least three more dress sizes by the grace of God. I have already dropped two sizes during the past two months. – My advise to anyone out there who is thinking about loosing weight, “JUST DO IT.” You don’t know what you can accomplish if you first do not try.”
  • CHERYL (-19 pounds)
    “Although this weight loss exercise was ultimately individual goals we each had to attain, utilizing teamwork to achieve its success was equally important. For me, the interest, support and coaching from family and co-workers were vital elements that geared me towards accomplishing my goal through a change of lifestyle that includes a better balance of both diet and exercise.”
  • RICHARD (-20 pounds)
    “To lose weight, eat everything and anything you desire, but beware, you are what you eat, so eat less and you will see less….of yourself.”
  • CINDI (Team’s General Manager)
    “This has been one of the most enjoyable journeys as I watched a group of people pull together and work so hard to help each other achieve their goal. It was a very moTEAvational experience that one could take a lesson from in every chapter of life.”


The ABC Primetime Challenge Weight Loss Special aired on local ABC channels on Wednesday, December 20th, at 10pm, EST. ABC News also covered the story. ABC News Primetime also detailed the science at their site.

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