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A Nice Tea for a Hot, Muggy Day in Seattle

August 18, 2008


glass gongfu tea set

For a loose tea available in bulk at a grocery store, Rishi Tea’s Jade Oolong is surprisingly good. I have bought it several times, and usually drink it while I am working because I can get it within walking distance of my workplace.

Jade Oolong

This past weekend I prepared some of it gongfu style, which revealed even more of its character. Like other Taiwanese green oolongs the liquor is a nice rich yellow color with a lemony flavor. And consistent with the behavior of other green oolongs, it is best and most flavorful in the third infusion.

Jade Oolong

The glass gongfu set shown in the photographs is becoming one of my favorite sets for delicate green oolongs. Both the pitcher and the teapot pour quite nicely. Porcelain gaiwans work just as well, but the tea really looks lovely in glass.

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