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9 Unique Holiday Gifts for Tea Lovers

November 22, 2014


As the holidays begin to approach, it can be difficult to think of gift ideas for loved ones. I often find that I have too much tea for one person and I know my collection will continue to grow while my blog does. As much as I love getting tea for the holidays, I also appreciate the creativity of an interesting tea related product. It can be hard to find, but with some research and thoughts, there are many creations with teas that need to be highlighted.

I really enjoy unique gifts. Gifts that you can hardly find in a typical big name store. Gifts that have been handmade with some sort of tea twist. Gifts that you can tell the giver put some thought into it. That is why I created a list of some pretty great unique holiday gifts for that special tea lover in your life that is everything and anything but a package of tea to drink! Of course there may be tea addicts out there that simply love getting more teas to try so this list could help you with that little something extra for them. Also, I think you will agree that there is something for everybody in this holiday wish list.

So without further ado, in no particular order, here are some of my suggestions…

1. Tea Painting Prints by Dara Gold

As you might have noticed from a piece I did on Dara’s art a few months ago, she has an eye for creating masterpieces out of tea. Since I have highlighted some of her favourite work on my blog, Dara Gold has opened an online shop where you can purchase her tea paintings prints on canvas, mugs, throw pillows and more. Why not help that tea lover in your life decorate her home or tea spot with some extraordinary tea art love? Check out her shop here!

2. Tea Jewelry by Claire Lowe 

Every tea lover out there usually eat, sleep and breathe the beverage. Now, give them the opportunity to wear it! Earlier this year, I had a chance to interview the designer.Claire Lowe creates jewelry of all sorts and even incorporates actual tea leaves in some of her pieces. If that’s not unique, then I don’t know what is. You can view some of her pieces here.

3. Tea Infused Lip Balm by Bare English

Being organic and vegan are not the only things that make Bare English’s lip balms so wonderful. Each stick is infused with tea leaves. Handmade lip balms are important because you do not want to put petroleum based ones on your lips as it could just make them worse. I have tried three of Bare English’s flavours beforewhich I believe are the ones available at Shoppers Drug Mart but they have a whole line of more to offer on their website as well. These are a perfect Christmas gift because once Winter comes, so do those unbearable chapped lips. You can find out where to purchase your own here. (P.S. I noticed that they even have a Holiday flavour!)

4. Tea Festival Tickets

Tea festivals are always said to be fun for everyone. At the end of the day, there are so many activities beyond the endless amounts of vendors to check out. Purchasing tickets to a tea festival in your area could be a great gift start. There are also additional ticket options for certain workshops and presentations at some festivals. Be sure to do your research to get an idea of what could be worthwhile and perfect under that Christmas tree. If you’re in the Ontario, Canada area, the Toronto Tea Festival begins Jan. 31.

5. Tea Pillow

When you can give someone the opportunity to sit back and relax, it’s usually an excellent gift idea. Tea pillows are just that. Coming in various sizes, I take my travel tea pillow everywhere I can but I find it is especially great for long car rides. Filled with tea with a comforting aroma, it also works as a great air freshener! Tea GW has some trusty tea pillows available here.

6. Tea Inspired Body Soap by iHeartTeas

Sometimes teas just smell way too good to only want to drink it. The invigorating smell is something you may want to bake, cook and even relax in. It has been said that a cup of tea is like a bath for your insides and iHeartTeas plays off that. Rachel Carter hand makes tea blends but also tea inspired body products such as soaps and bath salts. With real and gentle ingredients, visit the iHeartTeas shop here and give a gift of smooth skin and relaxation this year.

7. Get Dirtea 

I first found out about this product from Instagram. I have always say similar products that are made with coffee instead and thought it was about time someone decided to utilize the benefits of tea. Dirtea is a certified organic, vegan and cruelty-free skincare brand handmade with love in Brooklyn, USA using fresh tea and oils.The idea of the homemade scrub is to treat dry skin, stretch marks, cellulite, eczema, psoriasis, varicose veins, acne and scarring naturally. You can purchase their product on their website here. They have two different scrubs, original and chai + coconut.

8. Tea Inspired Products by The Cup of Life

Why not get the tea addict in your life something that can help them express their love for the beverage? The Cup of Life online shop has a plethora of products (such as: tshirts, mugs, watches, bags, etc.) with nifty tea quotes like “Real Men Drink Tea”, “My Blood Type is Tea” and more. Check out other tea inspired products on the online shop.

9. Amoda Tea Monthly Box

I know this is technically still purchasing tea for someone but it’s a subscription service that offers more than just that. There are many great tea subscriptions out there but I like to find ones that stand out by doing something extra that adds something special to the purpose of tea and your purchase. Tea is always best when paired with someone you love and also music. With an Amoda Tea Subscription you not only get 4 different blends to indulge in, you also get a music playlist that goes well with each cup for your tea time. Subscribe on their website by December 1st to receive the December’s Holiday Box for under the tree this year!

What are some of your favourite tea gifts to give? Let me know in the comments below.

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