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6 Springtime Teas to Savor Now

March 20, 2015


As the seasons change, our palates follow. In the early weeks of spring, winter’s heartier tea blends suddenly don’t feel quite right. With flowers beginning to bud, spring rains, warm breezes and farmers markets bulging with fragrant  produce, our taste buds shift to the lighter, fresher flavors of spring.

Springtime teas and tea blends capture the newness of spring- from earthy  meadows and floral scents to sweet citrus. We’ve chosen six springtime teas and tea blends to try now and enjoy straight through to the warmer days of summer. Can’t decide? Most tea retailers offer sample sets to try new varieties.

Spring Blossom Green Tea- Simpson & Vail

Spring Blossom blend is made with green tea and colorful flowers with the subtle, sweet taste of passion fruit. It’s beautiful to behold and absolutely lovely to drink! Enjoy a cup while you plan all your upcoming landscaping projects. Contains: Green tea, Rose petals, Mallow blossoms, Safflower, Marigold petals and flavoring.

King’s Grade Tieguanyin- ITO EN

The highest grade of one of China’s most sought after teas. This King’s Grade Tieguanyin is picked by hand, lightly oxidized and fired gently to unlock possibly the most ethereal tea “experience” in the world.

The aroma is upliftingly floral, but not in a cheap perfume kind of way, as though a gentle breeze just carried you in to a formal garden at the peak of the season. Light and wispy on the palate, this tea is sweet, green, and mouth-wateringly juicy like perfectly ripe raspberries.

Springtime Tea Sampler Set- Jolie Tea Company

The perfect way to sample 4 favorite springtime teas including:

Antoinette-‏ Ingredients: Black tea, vanilla bean pieces, lemon peel, lemon grass, lavender, lemon essence, vanilla essence, rose petals

French Breakfast-  Ingredients: Sri Lankan black tea

Cherry Rose Green-  Ingredients: Japanese Sencha green tea, rose petals, cherries

Saint Germain- ‏Ingredients: Ingredients: Chinese Sencha-style green tea, orange pieces, jasmine petals, safflower petals, mandarin orange essence

Organic White Peony- Mighty Leaf

Organic White Peony white tea, also known as Bai Mu Dan, is an elegant White Tea and Zhenghe varietal of the highest quality. Produced in China’s Fujian province during early spring, by carefully selecting only the finest tender buds and top two leaves of the white tea plant. This results in a unique nutty or bamboo fragrance and a sweet, savory taste.

Needle White Tea with Chamomile & Rose-Teavivre

Fuding needle white tea with rose and chamomile. This tea has a refreshing, brisk flavor, with a rich floral fragrance and a strong, sweet aftertaste.

No. 12, Le Hammeau- Bellocq Tea Atelier

Beautiful organic herbal blend evocative of a summer meadow. Think: ‘Manon of the Spring’, meets Marie Antoinette after a stroll through l’orangerie. Organic lemongrass and verbena mingle playfully with lavender, rose petals, mint and sage. Refreshing and light-hearted, Le Hammeau may inspire you to adorn your livestock with blushing pink ribbons too. Caffeine-free, this tisane may be enjoyed all day. Delicious iced as well as hot, serve garnished with thin slices of orange and a sprig of just plucked mint, sage or lavender.

Photo by Tom Page/Flickr CC

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