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5 Girls with Hearty Appetites & Dancing Shoes Makes for a Good Party!

October 14, 2007


This post, you’ll finally meet Kelly and Chrissy, both of whom travelled via the Chinatown bus all the way from Wellesley, just to see Shann, Steph and I! Aren’t they such good friends? After picnic Saturday morning’s picnic, we took the train back to the apartment and promptly fell asleep, just cause, you know, having a picnic is extremely exhausting! We woke up to the sound of Kelly’s call, “I’m HERE!”…and the party began! Kelly, you should know, is a girl with an endless stomach and an even faster metabolism that any and all of us should envy. But the best part about Kelly and Chrissy is that the both love to have fun, fun, fun. Yes, that was the only thing on our agenda: FUN. And food. Who could forget the food? ;)

We started the night off with dinner at Meskerem on MacDougal in the West Village. I’ve only had Ethiopian food once before (while I was living in LA), and all I recall is:
1. omigosh, I love this spongy, sour bread!
2. I love dipping things with edible things!
3. Aiyah, the spicy red mound to the left is soooo delicious!

Haha, I’m afraid I’ve lost all credibility as a food blogger with those last three lines!

Well anyways, you gotta check out this bread? Nutso, yeah? It’s craaaazy. What you see here is four very big rounds of injera, a thin spongy bread with an addictive sour tange. It’s made from fermented teff, click here for more. What you do, is tear off pieces of the injera (after washing you hands, of course!) and scoop/dip and eat.

We ordered four different entrees, all which were served in one huge platter placed in the middle of the table. Click on the photo to see it better – otherwise it just looks like rainbow smacks of gobs on injera. In the center is Gomen Besaega, beef cooked with garlic, onions, ginger and boiled collard greens. On both sides of the beef is Yebeg Wat, lamb marinated in butter and sautéed with a berbere (ground red pepper) sauce. Both meats were wonderfully tender, requiring little to no effort to chew…they just sorta melted. Yep, melted right into the blanket of spongy sour bread. Soooo awesome. We also had the vegetarian combo, which consisted on one of everything on the vegetarian menu: Miser Alech(lentils cooked with ginger, garlic, onions and curry), Miser Wat (lentils with garlic, onions, olive oil in berbere sauce), Shro Wat (ground chickpeas in bebere sauce), and sautéed cabbage with potatoes and carrots in garlic, ginger and curry. We also got an extra order of the Shro Wat. And I suppose that was a good thing because the thick, warm, hummus-like blend was hearty and with a heady punch of spice. It’s the one on the bottom left. This meal really took off at the beginning, but near the end, I was craving for something different in texture. Like CRISPY. I wanted crispy food! Or something to that extent. Everything was so soft and supple in the mouth, I started to feel as if my teeth were useless. I enjoyed the meal a great deal, mostly cause we had such good company and good food. BUT. If we just had a crispy food item to change the rhythm a bit…life would be perfect!

Post dinner! Kelly’s not in the picture because she took the photo…but, scroll down some more and you’ll find one of her and her new favorite bowl of mac-and-cheese!

Post Meskerem, we waddled down to Emack and Bolio’s on Houston for ice cream. Oh man. I’ve been eating so much custard, ice cream, and gelato recently…I think the colder the weather gets, the more I crave frozen desserts. Strange, but eh, I could have worse habits :)

The menu here is quite fun to read, they’ve got all sorts of flavors that make you want to smile (and sample!) Caramel moose prints, vanilla marshmallows and white chocolate chips, cake batter Oreo, grasshopper pie and even “deep purple” cow (black raspberry with blueberry and white & dark chocolate chips)…

I ended up selecting pumpkin and mud pie, two flavors that have got absolutely nothing to do with one another aside from the fact that they’re darn delicious. The pumpkin was my favorite of the two with a really rich and smooth mouthfeel, earthly pumpkin flavor, and most importantly, not too sweet! Mud pie also fared well, composed of a coffee base with chocolate chips and plenty of crushed Oreos. Oh man. I totally love Oreo’s! (Not the cream though, just the cookie part!)

We walked back home to the apartment, with ice cream cups in hands and content bellies. A quick change of clothing, brush of hair and we were down six flights of stairs and out the door again. We danced and drank the night away till the wee hours of the morning, and called it an adventure with far too many Chicken McNuggets, French fries, orange soda and monopoly stickers at McDonalds. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone I had McDonalds! ;) *Gasp, I ate both Oreo’s and McDonald’s in one post…this is sooooo bad.*

On Sunday morning, all five of us woke up near noon, which is actually pretty good considering we didn’t go sleep until 4am the night before! Kelly assertively declared she was hungry, so off we went to City Bakery for lots of delicious goodness.

Steph and I both opted for bowls of the Greenmarket corn, tomato and basil soup. At $5 for a medium cup, it wasn’t exactly cheap, but neither is anything else in this place! The best part of the soup was that there were tons, and I mean toooons, of fresh corn kernels, making it more filling than you’d expect. But the soup itself was too sweet I was definitely expecting something more savoury. Recently I’ve been on a soup kick and all I want to do is drink soup every day for every meal, so expect to see many soup-based posts in the future! :)

Kelly would like to say, “soooo delicious!”

Kelly was sitting right across for me, scarfing down her mac-and-cheese, one of the many goodies that City Bakery is well known for, and I was getting more and more envious with every spoonful of soup. So I polished off the soup, and got Steph to partake in a bowl of mac-and-cheese with me.

And viola, here it is! The mac-and-cheese here is like magic, it is soooo good and sooo buttery and super duper cheesy. It’s like eating bitty nuggets of well cooked (some may say it’s over-cooked, but I tend to like pasta on the softer side, we all have our preferences!) saturated in lovely layers of butter than rolled in melting mounds of cheeesseee. Ooooh I love cheese!

Shann assembled her own breakfast of lox and bagels, while Chrissy went with the lox alone, and bought a chocolate chip cookie for us to share. I’ve already posted on this decadently chocolaty and buttery cookie in the past, so there’s not much more to say without repeating myself. The quality of their baked goods are always consistent and top notch, and I probably ate more than my share, eheheheheh…

…But really, how can one live life without a few extra calories of indulgence?

124 Macdougal St.
NY, NY 10012
(212) 777-8111

Emack & Bolio’s
73 West Houston Street
NY, NY 10012
(212) 533-5610

City Bakery
3 W 18th St
NY, NY 10011
(212) 366-1414

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