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36 Hours in Hong Kong

September 28, 2014


15170059909_7f22561502_cSnippets from a 36-hour layover in Hong Kong, one of my favorite cities to visit ^-^

1. Discovered at a tea shop on Shipyard Lane, a unexpected pairing of tieguanyin and rose petal honey on toast.

15170132550_f51ec27d2f_c2. Lunch at Tosca, finishing on plum cakes, pistachio ice cream sandwiches, and clouds of chocolate.

15170125410_6f16f6ba43_c3. Walls and walls of yixing teapots o_O

15333812026_1d26e73c8e_c4. Bolo baos at every opportunity, including breakfast at the Ritz-Carlton. Best toasted, sliced and stuffed with salted butter.

15353637511_b64ab8f475_c5. Truffles Infiniment Vanille from Pierre Hermé Hong Kong…a little morning treat.


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